Huge Exodus In The San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area is currently witnessing a massive exodus of its citizens. Of course, it is a bustling metropolitan area where people come and go all of the time. The amount of people leaving has hit the highest level that the Bay Area has seen in more than ten years. All types of people, young and old, and are leaving for greener pastures.

Those who are not enlightened about the conditions of the Bay Area and California, at large, may wonder why an area that is known to be so beautiful is being abandoned by so many people.

There is a plethora of reasons for why people are leaving. The number one reason is the fact that housing is way too expensive, and there is simply not enough of it.

Of course, sometimes homes and apartments are out of people’s price ranges. However, in California the housing crisis is so serious that even high skilled professionals are finding it extremely difficult to attain affordable housing.

Many people also do not agree with the politics of the state. California is a sanctuary state, which means that it protects undocumented immigrants from threats of deportation. American Californians who don’t agree with the sanctuary situation feel that the rights of “illegal immigrants” are wrongfully put before theirs. They also feel that the resources are being spread too thin, and crime is being encouraged.

The Bay Area has the largest outflow in the nation, and its outflow outnumbers its inflow. Cities with the most inflow include Nashville, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Atlanta.