Iceland’s WOW Air Offers Discounted Tickets For Americans On The West Coast

Ever since the massive success of “Game of Thrones,” more and more people are putting Iceland at the top of their bucket lists. If you are one of those people, and if you happen to find yourself on America’s West Coast, you may be in luck this year.


That’s because Iceland’s WOW Air has just announced it will offer cheap one-way tickets from both Los Angeles and San Francisco International Airports to Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport. These discounted one-way tickets will cost $99 each.


WOW Iceland told reporters that guests will be able to purchase return flights from Iceland for about $180 per person. These discounted flights will take place on special days between November 25th-December 9th, as well as between January 10th-April 4th.


News of these discounted flights should excite all travel buffs on the West Coast, especially millennials. In a recent poll of the top 20 travel destinations for millennials, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon was awarded the number one spot.


WOW Air has distinguished itself in the airlines industry for its hot destinations and cheap prices. Founded in 2011, this Icelandic airline is headquartered in the capital city Reykjavík, and now it flies to over 23 cities in the USA, Canada, and Europe.


This popular airline is also touting brand new deals for trips to other popular European cities. Executives at WOW Air told reporters that they are now offering one-way tickets to Amsterdam, London, and Paris for prices starting at $200.


So, after you are done having fun in the sun in LA or San Fran, why not hop on a plane to the mythical regions of Iceland?