Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investment banker known for his work in major banking institutions in Brazil and around the world. Igor was involved in managing a huge percentage of Brazil’s gross economy. Igor is currently a consultant for both investment and banking industries. He also formed Bainbridge Group, an institute that offers advice and direction to up start investors. Based in South Florida, Igor spends most of his time golfing and occasionally returns to the investment markets. Let us look at some of the tips that Igor offers to aspiring Investors.



Avoid Investments that Translate to Losses



Investment involves the risk of losing money. However, even though you cannot avoid some risks, you should significantly reduce the chances of suffering from any given risk. If an investment is costing you more than you are earning, get out of it. One of the rules of investments is not to lose money.



Do Not Waste Time



Investment is not age sensitive. Anyone can invest in a profitable venture. Igor Cornelsen advises people to start sooner than later. He advises against putting off investment for the future and encourages people to do it now.



Diversify Your Investment Portfolio



According to Igor, investors should be able to commit to different portfolios. This helps one minimize their risks. At least when one venture pays off handsomely and another ends up in losses, you are able to break even. On the brighter side, a person with a diversified portfolio is likely to earn revenue from many different sources. While an investor should make sound investments, they should also engage in risky ventures.



Get Professional Advice



Igor has been in the investment business for quite some time to know that to succeed you need professional advice. He believes that it is only after you have gained a wealth of knowledge in investment that you can be able to do it on your own.



Investment is not easy task and takes knowledge of the markets and patience to succeed. Igor Cornelsen defied the odds to become one of the greatest investors in Brazilian history. The tips Igor has outlined above will help any wanna be investor succeed in their venture.