Important Facts You Should Know About Matt Badiali’S Freedom Checks

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali is a graduate of Penn State University with Science degree. He holds a Master of Science degree in geology from the prestigious Florida Atlantic University. In 2004, he was introduced into the finance world by a friend. Since then till date, he has helped thousands of American earn regular double-digit income. In collaboration with Banyan Hill Publishing, he runs the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. Today, he is an investment expert known beyond the borders of the United States of America. During a project, he discovered the now famous Freedom Checks ascribed to his name. Read more about Freedom Checks at

What are Freedom Checks?

These are unique investments considered legitimate due to Status 26-F. They are not considered being government programs. Programs such as government’s social security and Medicare programs. More so, they are not any type of the normal retirement account as well as the IRA.

Thus, the Freedom Checks are the 90% income the oil and gas companies pay out to investors. Investors do not pay tax on these payments as they are seen as a return of capital.

Companies that issue these checks have the permission by law to operate tax-free. But they must meet certain conditions as stipulated by Status 26-F..

How did Matt Discover the Freedom Check?

Matt Badiali discovered these checks while he was working on a project for a popular financial expert. This project focused on the oil and gas companies and sector. Thus, he was required experience first-hand the latest technologies and trends and findings in the sector. As such, he met several CEOs of several companies. It was during this meeting; he discovered the freedom checks.

More so, he discovered an exclusive group of companies about 568 in number. These 568 companies had exclusive rights to issue these checks to its investors. This exclusive group of companies is knowns as the master limited partnerships (MLPs). These MLPs search for new wells where oil and gas can be found in the United States. Thereafter, they refine, store and transport same via the massive networks of pipeline in the United States. They have the right to operate tax-free because they meet the conditions stipulated in Status 26–F. Read this article at Money Morning.

What law made the freedom checks?

The law that established these checks is known as Status 26-F. It was sanctioned in 1987 by the Congress of the United States of America.

What requirements do companies need to operate tax-free?

Companies that issue these checks can operate tax-free. These companies must meet the following conditions;

  1. 90% of the revenue of such companies must come from the oil and gas sector. This implies that such companies must process, store and transport oil and gas within States in the U.S.
  2. Agree and accept to pay well-paid checks to its shareholders.