IT Staff With Higher Training Levels From DIVERSANT LLC

The training provided by DIVERSANT LLC does more than simply prepare Information Technology (IT) job candidate for a position, it actually lifts people up to reach positions that fulfill their personal potential. DIVERSANT LLC fills many thousands of positions in IT departments of companies throughout the United States. This is a company owned by minorities and is helping build the next generation business world by giving a hand up to hard working people of color.

DIVERSANT LLC came together in a merger of Gene Waddy’s DIVERSANT Inc. with John Goullet’s Info Technologies. John Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994 out of many years of IT consulting experience. In 2010 John Goullet and Gene Waddy, both well seasoned businessmen in the IT sector decided to merge their respective companies into DIVERSANT LLC. This came after Goullet had successfully grown his Info Technologies to a $30 million company, supplying many Fortune 500 companies with well-qualified IT professionals. Goullet’s company was ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 8th fastest growing private business in the list of 500. And he did this in a mere five year span.

The Principle of the newly merged venture is John Goullet, who is the acknowledged expert in IT innovations that drive the business in that sector of professional staffing and training. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who has several start-up companies in the IT industry to his credit. He and his partner, Gene Waddy, have relied upon the experience and business savvy of selected senior executives who serve on their board of advisors. They are not actually involved in day to day operations, but are leaders of American industries who are helping direct strategic growth, based upon changes in business and technology opportunities.
Goullet has always maintained both a clear view of emerging market conditions and the innovative inventions in computer and networking technologies. He has proved his ability to adapt and create solutions in an ever-changing IT environment.

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  1. Usually, that is how is suppose to be for any IT staff that are willing to learn. The truth still remain that not all IT will be willing to learn, and no one will impose it on them to also do that. Years that has gone by shows that will only assist you when you show that you are willing to learn, not wasting time an efforts on those not ready. Reason why they have had tremendous success.

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