It’s Time To Get ‘Handy’ With Spring Cleaning

It is here once again. Spring has come and so has all of the cleaning you realize you need to do. The garage is probably a bit more cluttered than you’d like and the basement is in need of a good clean up.  If you have a large house, this can be quite the undertaking. All of the moving of the furniture, the dusting, wiping, on and on it seems to go. Then you realize there is more to do than you thought at first.

Thankfully, there is a company like Handy. They have quickly become the go to on-demand service for basic services. You need some cleaning done? No sweat. Just set up a date at your convenience and have it done for you at a fair price. The popularity of the service is rising very quickly. As the number of companies has declined, Handy’s business has only been increasing. They have recently stated that they have been generating at least $1 million per week regularly now. They have even started a new service on the site where you can have them shop for, purchase, deliver and assemble for a flat fee starting at $49.

This service alone is well worth the fee. Think of all of the time, effort, driving and stresses you can avoid completely. It is a very good option for people who have little time for their own responsibilities. Handy is looking to make life easier for folks by offering great service on-demand, on your schedule. Spring cleaning can be a nightmare. It can also be a whole lot easier to accomplish with Handy’s services that they offer. Whatever the job is for your spring clean up, it’s very likely that Handy can handle the job for you.

Take a break on the cleaning and let the professionals handle it for you. Get out and spend the spring having fun instead.

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