Jeffry Schneider Encourages Alternative Investments for Diversification

When it comes to investment and entrepreneurship, Jeffry Schneider is the man to look up to. He is the Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, a boutique located in Austin. Having acquired a distinct unit of marketing, sales, managerial services, education and financial structuring, Jeffry through Ascendant Capital LLC, provides funds for stable and rising alternative resources for sponsors. He has initially worked with many Family Offices, Private Banks, Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers to distribute public as well as offerings throughout the world.

Company Growth

Through Jeffry’s leadership and guidance, Ascendant LLC has registered maximum growth in the past five years with some approximately two to over thirty employees. In that duration, Jeffry and the staff worked to raise nearly $1 billion. The company operates with over fifty brokers, 250 financial advisors including family offices. The money was spent in buying real estate, technological companies, and auto dealerships. Ascendant LLC has grown incredibly, and the team is not quitting soon. They have set higher objectives for their future. In 2016, they planned to work for over $ 50 million per month.

Alternative Investments

With the unpredictable market trends of investment, Jeffry’s advice is capitalizing on an alternative investment. This will pave the way for assets diversification while reducing volatility. Over the past, Ascendant LLC has experienced enormous growth thanks to diversity. Detailed research on the hugest money pools shows that the distribution of alternative investment supersedes RIA’s. To be specific, most client portfolios have been diversified to curb risks.

Work Culture

Ascendant Capital’s success depends on the culture of the team. The work environment promotes an interactive session between employers and employees hence trust and reliability. With the transparency idea initiated by Jeffry, both features extend to the internal and external environments. Meaning even the society is encouraged to freely interact with the employees in a bid to acquire customer satisfaction. The firm has a set of objectives depending on client’s demands, and it is their responsibility to prioritize such requirements.

About Jeffry

Apart from founding Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry has gravely assisted the company raise over $1 billion. He has also invested in the careers of many by employing them at Ascendant Capital LLC. Jeffry has a vast experience in the field of alternative investment and actively roots for it among investors. In addition to his commitment to investment, he has a passion for charity and has been involved with the less fortunate in several organizations. Some of those organizations are Wonders and Worries, Cherokee Children’s Home and the Foundation of Gazelle.

Education and Career

Before becoming an employee of Ascendant Capital, Jeffry worked at Axiom Capital as well as Paradigm Global Advisors. He also garnered some experience from Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney in addition to Alex Brown. Jeffry attended the Massachusetts University in Amherst where he attained a degree.

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