John Goullet Expertise Has Built Him a Strong Reputation In The Market

Today, John Goullet has become a very successful entrepreneur who has not only made a big name for himself in the industry, but he is still expanding on his skills and business to this day. It wasn’t too long ago that John merged his company, Info Technologies, with the company, Diversant Inc, which he was then appointed as principal director for. John Started up Info Technologies back in 1994, and it had done excellent for itself, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the United States at one point as well. With Diversant’s new leader, they will provide some of the best IT staffing and solutions available on the market today.

John was long in the business for IT, which is pretty much where he got his start. Once he realized he had more to offer than just being a employee, he decided to follow his ideas for entrepreneurship, which is what brought about Info Technologies. It didn’t take the company but a few years to amass a wealth of $30 million, supplying many Fortune 500 companies and growing rapidly at the time. The merging of his company and Gene’s Diversant Inc was a strategic move in order to inspire new growth and become one of the leading IT solutions companies in the industry.

When finding his new position at Diversant, one of the first concerns for John was to carefully get his footing and analyze the industry at the time. This was so he could strategize and develop new innovations for providing IT solutions to their customers and help Diversant overcome the competition, which is why Diversant provides some of the leading It staffing services today. Thanks to the merging of Info Technologies and Diversant, John Goullet is on a successful path and continues to expand the company to this day.