Jorge Moll Brings New Innovations To The Brazilian Medical Community

The Brazilian medical community has been looking to make major improvements to bring the community in line with the most respected medical institutions in North America and Europe. Entrepreneur and cardiologist, Jorge Moll has been at the heart of the innovations taking place in the Brazilian medical community over recent years as his D’Or Group has been responsible for bringing many of the latest innovations to patients across Brazil.

In his personal bid to bring about a positive change to the Brazilian medical community, Jorge Moll has been working alongside some of the world’s leading medical innovators from across North America and Europe to make sure his own medical group remains at the top of the profession. Among those bringing their skills to Brazil is Dr. Albert Chan of the U.S.-based Sutter Medical Group who has become known for providing some of the most impressive updates to technology currently taking place in the global medical community; Dr. Chan is giving Brazilian medical professionals such as Jorge Moll the benefit of his experience in adding technology to the medical community.


Jorge Moll has been innovating in the medical community since creating his own D’Or medical group and is now looking to bring together the most impressive technologies available to create a better medical experience for all patients in Brazil. Smartphones are now providing the patients of Jorge Moll’s group with easy access to their physicians and their own medical records through an Online link between patient and practitioner (ResearchGate).


An increase in the use of technology comes at a time when Jorge Moll is celebrating the opening of the Copa Star medical facility which is bringing a previously unheard of level of luxury to the medical community. Among the benefits of attending the Rio de Janeiro based medical facility is the award-winning Swiss chef Steve Moreillon providing food for patients, staff members, and visitors alike.

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