Keith Mann gives Hope to Low-Income Students

Education is necessary for every individual’s life as it helps us gain knowledge, understanding experience as well expertise. Not everyone is privileged to get an education, and so one Keith Mann comes to assist the less fortunate achieve their dreams through education. Keith Man and Dynamics Search Partners held a fundraising for uncommon Schools at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Together with members of Financial Services Community, they came together to raise 22000 million dollars for the support of students joining the new high school opened by the Charter School.

The primary purpose of uncommon schools is to help the low-income students enter college and graduate. Keith mentioned that their mission is to support and work towards providing everyone the opportunity to join and graduate from college. Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools joined in 2013. The goal of the two organizations to join was to create an outstanding platform for Dynamics Search Partners to aid students to gain learning strategy as well as practical skills that will be beneficial for them to succeed in college and even beyond. Mr. Mann is committed to supporting the student’s innovations in academic excellence at high school level, and he is always looking forward to working with the students in the future. He mentioned that he is very excited to work with Uncommon Schools.

Keith Mann is an expert in the Hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. Previously he worked at Dynamic Executive Search as the Director where he was responsible for recruiting for international financial firms. His passion and dedication he has for the financial sector led him to launch an alternative investment practice with Dynamics Executive Search in 2002. The start came after he identified the rapidly growing market in the Hedge Fund industry. Mr. Keith did not stop there as he wanted to be part of the growing financial sector, in 2009 he founded Dynamics Search Partners. Keith Mann is the CEO of DSP and is responsible for the management of the firm. DSP works with other investment companies in the United States, Asia, and Europe serving more than 200 customers each year.

Mr. Keith Man is not only a financial investor but together with his wife Keely Mann are known to give humanitarian aid. They show support to NYPD responding to protest and violence that has been surrounding the police force.