Keith Mann Looks To Continue The Success Of The Uncommon Schools

The Uncommon Schools charitable program that manages 42 high schools across northeastern states in the U.S. has seen a continued level of support from financial recruitment specialist Keith Mann and his Dynamic Search Partners company. An article from PR Newswire details the latest fund raiser organized by New York based Keith Mann and his colleagues at Dynamic Search Partners; under the leadership of Keith Mann members of the financial industry in New York attended an event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden that raised $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools program.

Keith Mann formed the Dynamic Search Partners in 2001 after spending a number of years working as a recruitment specialist for the financial industry in New York and across the world. Mann has seen his business become one of the most important for the financial industry in the world after linking over 2,000 executives with investment companies over the life of the company.

Mann does not only spend his time concerned with his business, but has also looked to become a major part of the community across New York through his involvement in a series of charitable programs. Keith Mann has been a major supporter of law enforcement in New York having provided meals for officers across the city in a bid to show his appreciation for the work of these individuals.

The Uncommon Schools is dedicated to providing the best possible education for students from low income families who are hoping to achieve a college level education. The $22,000 raised by Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners will be added to a standing donation of $10,000 from the company, which will be used by the Uncommon Schools management team to complete all the needed testing for students looking for educational assistance prior to attending college level classes. Keith Mann has revealed he became a supporter of the Uncommon Schools after touring various institutions managed by the program and being impressed by the drive of the students to attend college and start successful careers in the future.

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  1. If Uncommon Schools are taken more seriously in the worl,it could tend towards the education freedom that is key for some communities. With the management of those schools that are designed to help the people in catering for their community needs. The level of work and progress that would happen in the bid to have positive results will not make the players deter though.

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