Kevin Seawright Filling Belvedere Square

Kevin Seawright, through RPS Solutions LLC, has succeeding in filling the Baltimore community of Belvedere Square with affordable homes that first time homeowners can easily afford and purchase. The introduction of affordable and attractive locations in Belvedere Square has drastically increased the size of the community. This had been Kevin Seawright‘s goal since he parterned with RPS Solutions LLC in 2015. Explicitly, he aimed to tackle the affordable housing market and as a result, strengthen the community in Blatimore, Maryland. He aims to surpass the city home-ownership rate of 48%, and plans on doing so just like he did in Belvedere Square; by providing affordable and attractive homes for buyers. He hopes that this will improve the community and lives of those in it.

Seawright told LocalTalkNews he sees the filling of the neighborhood of Belvedere Square as a fundamental first step in achieving a better Baltimore, as it is a significant increase in the city’s current home-ownership rate. That hasn’t satiated Seawright, however, as his goal is to make it possible for all those living in the area to purchase affordable homes, as a high home-ownership within an area offers numerous economic and social benefits.

Seawright works to accomplish his goals through RPS Solutions, which assists potential home owners in connecting with mortgage lenders, aiding in the construction of new properties, and offering renovations on underdeveloped units in the area. It was found in 2015 with the goal of increasing the home ownership rate in Baltimore, meaning that the join partnership is dedicated exclusively to improving the quality of life in the area.

Seawright is not inexperienced in this area, as he has a history of local government participation, education, and real estate development in the surrounding areas. Currently, he is an accounting and project management professional. He resides and operates from Baltimore, Maryland, explaining the reason he is so personally connected to the continual building of the community.  Read more via XRepublic.