Lacey and Larkin: Human rights activist in Arizona

Human rights protection in the United States or any other country should be the priority of the government. Nothing can be more important than a country that follows law and order. The United States is expected to lead the world in making the right decisions on matters of human rights protection.

No single person is supposed to be tortured because of his or her origin. That would be a violation of the law and human rights as well. Human rights are the most important laws in any country. If there is no respect for these rights, then we can forget about living in peace and harmony as a people.

Human rights violations should not be allowed to happen anywhere in the world. They should be condemned by everyone who spots them anywhere. It is not fair to have a country where people just break the law and go scot-free. Human rights are a right of every human being, and no one should be allowed to mess with them.

Human rights rules protect every human being wherever they’re. The human rights charter protects even immigrants in the United States. No one should take the matter lightly as there are consequences that might follow.

Human rights violations have been taking place in the country, and the law has not done enough to protect the people. The tragedy has been the officials of government who are expected to act on violations of the human rights are leading the way in the perpetuation of human rights abuse acts in the country. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

One officer who is known to many people as a rogue officer who had no respect for human rights is the former sheriff of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio.

This is one officer who had no respect for human rights at all. He would take laws into his own hands and commit crimes against immigrants because he knew that he was protected by the powers he held. He would use his powers to influence any investigations that would be launched against him.

Joe Arpaio had reprieve last year after the president pardoned him. Joe was facing a case of human rights violations. He has been ordered by the courts to stop racial profiling in the county of Maricopa, but he failed to do so. Together with his officers, they continued to commit acts of human rights violations without worrying about the consequences. To him what mattered was the seat of the sheriff which he wanted to retain.

Joe Arpaio would use the issue of immigration as a campaign tool to influence as many people as possible to support him. Many people who had voting rights in the state were nationalists who just like Arpaio did not like the immigrants moving into their state.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two of the people who Joe Arpaio mistreated are angry with the action taken by Trump to pardon Arpaio. To them, it is wrong to pardon someone who has not even been sentenced. It is a clear indication of ulterior motives.

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