Los Angeles Places Restrictions on Airbnb Rentals

In L.A., the hotel alternative site Airbnb has become quite an issue for many groups. First, there are the landlords who end up dealing with the fallout from unruly Airbnb guests for rentals that they never authorized to be shared. Nowadays, many landlords have chosen to put provisions in leases that prevent renters from placing their apartments on Airbnb. However, there are many renters that choose to take the risk and do this regardless. Some say that this is what is adding to the city’s housing crisis. Because rents are inflated, more residents have been driven to live in their cars or to crash on friends’ couches.

Recently, L.A. lawmakers decided to take matters into their own hands and start regulating Airbnb. From now on, the city has declared that people cannot rent out apartments and houses that are not their primary residences. Councilman Jose Huizar, whom many have identified as an up-and-comer in Southern California politics, has been leading the charge to improve his neighborhoods and stop bad operators from destroying the feeling of community in so many areas. Recent meetings about the new restrictions have prompted lively debate. Former apartment residents came and spoke out about being evicted from their homes because of Airbnb—and then being forced to pay half their monthly salaries for rent. Citing the need to protect people’s right to housing, they brought a human perspective to the debate.