Market America Convention 2017

One of Market America Inc’s main focus in their company besides entrepreneurship and dedicating their business to ensuring, that their business becomes the powerhouse of their field. Vision and positive attitudes are also an important factor, as the belief in the right kind of attitude can lead to further success for the company. Which is why when it came time for their annual convention, it was on the list of important topics to speak and talk about during the convention.

One of the members of the company, is fully in favor of this belief is Vice President of Sales, Jim Winkler. As being one of the top VP’s of Sales, he has also known for being an owner of UnFranchise since 1995. He is also known for talking about, how the right attitude can relate to the message your trying to say, along with your potential success in a work environment. He even states that it is a important part of key business traits.

While the topics of powerful entrepreneurship opportunities were mentioned in the convention. It was made a point that using a series of methods, in order to develop the right attitude for the company, such as participating in business meetings and conference calls, along with associating yourself with positive people can lead to personal successes.

The right attitude is mentioned as being a determining factor for Market America, as allowing yourself to follow these suggestions and having a more positive attitude. Can lead to a change in attitude that can become more positive.