Matt Badiali Investing in Natural Resources

Matt Badiali has extensively studied natural resources for over twenty years. As such, he is an expert in energy, agriculture, and mining. He has hands on experience working in oil wells and exploring abandoned mines with the intention of reaping profits from investments in these natural resources. As a researcher, Matt has traveled to Iraq, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Turkey, Haiti, and Switzerland.

Over the years, he has based his investment decisions on the principle that unless one sees it, they cannot comprehend the value of the value of the investment. Matt often encourages others to embrace the strategy to before making an investment decision. The grassroots approach has enabled Matt Badiali to meet key decision makers in the mining sectors, precious metal experts, and other resource investors. In the process, Matt learned more about the market trends, discoveries, and advancements in technology in the various sectors. Matt also increased his networks and made close personal relationships. He is proud to have current Sprott U.S CEO as his mentor.

At a point in his career, Matt was a geology lecturer at the University of North Carolina and Duke University. In as much as he enjoys juggling between different passions, identifying profitable investments opportunities for others excites Matt Badiali the most. For over a decade, Matt has researched and written on spectacular investments in natural resources. Currently, he works with Banyan Hills as a senior editor. Matt informed his readers about the forecasts in the copper sector.

Through the article, Matt explains the growing demand and consumption of copper in the different industries. Matt identifies electrical products and construction fields as the leading consumers of copper. With economic growth the prices of copper increase. Estimates show that the price may go up to $ 4.55 per pound a 46% increase from the present rate. Matt forecasts a boom during these periods and calls on his readers to take advantage of the opportunity to earn profits.

As an investor, Matt bought the Kaminak Gold stock when it was trading at $0.06 per share and sold it at $2.64 in 2010 gaining 4,400%. He has also made other substantial investments and was once named the number one stock picker at Goldman Sachs. Matt’s showcases his research findings at geological findings as well as top companies such as Exxon Mobile and Anadarko.

Matt Badiali holds an undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Geology from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University respectively. Matt unique skill set helps investors make right decisions through the Real Wealth Strategist.

Greetings from Nevada! I'm out here checking out a few mining opportunities. Stay tuned!

Posted by Matt Badiali on Wednesday, November 8, 2017