May Sanitation Succeed

Felipe Montoro Jens has recently asked many important questions regarding Brazil’s current state of affairs within its social, economic and environmental sectors. Numerous threats posed in recent years have finally come to the table and are to be dealt with in a timely manner as promised by Carlos Edison, a well-respected global leader on the matter. Jens and Edison cross-referenced multiple factors and asked each other numerous questions in turn – in attempts to get to the bottom of the matter. Increasing toxicity and wastewater management levels must immediately come to an end if Brazil’s very culture and soul are to survive: That’s the issue at hand. As such, the local governments have sought every means possible to reverse such damaging effects by even partnering with national banking institutions and the BNDES to further spread the word and to take matters into their own hands while engaging the public as well.


Public power, the private initiative, the public sector and other factors were discussed. Both Jens and Edison regarded the interview as a crucial success and an important step forward in fixing the current mess. An action plan was also devised by Brazil’s government and discussed in the interview. Plus, further reports are to come in future weeks, so viewers were encouraged to stay tuned for more details.


Jens has many years of experience in interviewing. He also holds multiple degrees in management. In addition, he works within Brazil’s top management sectors and has even traveled the world in his efforts to spread awareness and increase healthy business all around.


He has studied at a few of Brazil’s top institutions and continues to educate himself on a daily basis. He claims that he has never learned quite enough. Such humility is perfect for any leader to possess, molding quality character.