New Train Coming to West Coast

The cities of Seattle and Portland are two of the most popular travel destinations along the West Coast in the United States. The cities are both well known for their beautiful landscape, moderate weather throughout the year, and plenty of recreational activities. Those that are looking to travel to these cities may often decide to combine both cities into one larger trip. For those that are looking to travel between Seattle and Portland, there may be a new efficient travel method available in the near future (


The latest talks between the state of Washington and Oregon have focused on developing a new high-speed efficient train to transport people between the two cities. The trains in mind will be similar to many of the newer trains found throughout Asia and could travel up to close to 250 mph. These trains could’ve then allow someone to get from Portland to Seattle in less than one hour.


While the concept could come to fruition in the future, it is still far away. The two cities and states conceptually coming up with a budget to study the train system more. The budget for planning and research is about $300,000 alone. This budget will support the research into a different train actions, the timeline for construction and implementation, and what the total cost will be. While the train system will start with service between the two cities, it will likely be expanded in the future. Other cities that could be connected include Vancouver and San Francisco.