Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders Welcomes William Skelley as Its Newest Member

William Skelley founded and remains Chairman and CEO of iFunding, one of the most acknowledged titles in online based real estate investing. Dedicated to alternative real estate investing like crowdsourcing, William Skelley has created an accredited investment vehicle that allows accredited investors pool their money into large capital projects.

William Skelley was invited to be a member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders, an exclusive invite-only organization lead by Michael Stoler, during the group’s first dinner of 2016 at Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York. Skelley recognized for his vision and leadership in crowdfunding real estate investments and joins an elite club of men and women from companies like Carlyle Group, Cushman, and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CIT, and Kushner Companies.
When the SEC voted to approve regulations for Title II of the JOBS Act, Skelley quickly adapted to the concept of real estate crowdfunding and has been the industry leader in the growth of iFunding. William Skelley still leads iFunding by directing the business development of the company. iFunding has financed more than 40 real estate projects with a total property value of over $250 million.

Michael Stoller has also recognized William Skelley’s unique skill-set and leadership in the real estate crowdfunding industry with a guest invite to The Stoller Report, a weekly television show focusing on real estate and business trends for 15 years. The Stoller Report episode will deliberate about the recent commercial real estate evolution and will appear during the Spring of 2016.
William Skelley served as an executive intern to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital. He was a principal at Rose Park Advisors and has also worked at General Electric and Olympus. Skelley has also served as an advisor to several start-ups.

iFunding facilitates debt and preferred equity fundraising for a broad range of properties in the residential and commercial sectors. iFunding leads real estate crowdfunding platforms by providing accredited investors the opportunity for investing in quality real estate deals, with as little as $5,000 minimum investment. iFunding will oversee transactions throughout their lifespan and provides all-encompassing information and pellucidity to give investors oversight into their investments.

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