Oregon to Host Travel Symposium

For those that are familiar with the area, South Oregon is a great place to take a vacation. This area of the state is very well known for having a lot of outdoor retreats and activities that anyone can take advantage of. It is full of beautiful hills, walking paths, rivers, lakes, and forests. While the area is very well known for those that are into the Great Outdoors, those that are not familiar with the area may not be full aware of all it has to offer. To help improve this, South Oregon will once again be promoting a major travel symposium. This year’s will be called the 22nd annual Travel Southern Oregon Tourism Symposium (http://www.dailytidings.com/news/20180405/travel-symposium-will-highlight-southern-oregons-tourism-push).

At the 22nd annual Travel Southern Oregon Tourism Symposium people that work in the travel industry and those that are looking to take a vacation can learn more about all that South Oregon has to offer. The symposium will be attended by many of the top tourism providers in the area including hotels, boutique resorts, restaurants, and travel agencies.

Like many other years, Bend, Oregon is expected to be a major contributor to the area when it comes to tourism. Bend is already well known for being a great city to visit and for having some of the top breweries and restaurants in the area. Bend also has the advantage of being just a quick drive away from a variety of outdoor excursion opportunities that can help to provide anyone with a very balanced trip.