Oregon’s National Parks Are Receiving Love From Tourism

The national parks of Oregon have been receiving more tourists now then they ever had before. The surge of tourism began in 2013 and has been rapidly growing since then. The Columbia River Gorge attracts the largest crowds in Oregon.


Beverly beach is one of the most popular beaches in the state. There is a public campground that is secluded and hidden by a canopy of large trees. From the campgrounds, there is an underground walkway that brings campers directly towards the beach. It is very popular amongst surfers and families alike.


Fort Stevens west of Astoria is also a primary beach location. The park is right next to the beach and covers over 3,700 square acres of land. There are also three lakes that has people fishing, swimming, canoeing and boating. There is also a historic fort with gun batteries for the public to view. There is well over 200,000 campers that visit this site every year.


The tourist industry in Oregon has grown to over $108 billion and has created over 100,000 jobs. Most of these jobs have been brought to otherwise depressed rural communities.


Although that the tourist boom has helped the state financially, the increase in people can have an impact on the environment. There have been so many people coming that the state has to put a cap on people visiting Opal Creek Scenic Area, Oneonta Gorge and Blue Pool by McKenzie River.