Oregon’s Pristine Natural Beauty Attracts International Visitors

Travel Oregon, the professional organization in charge of promoting tourism across the Beaver State, is enjoying the success of its ongoing marketing campaign. One of the keys to this newfound success is to highlight the abundant natural beauty that can be found around Oregon, and one of the main attractions happens to be the only national park in the state.


Crater Lake is the only nature preserve in Oregon that is under federal management as all others are managed at the state level. Over the last two years, Crater Lake has enjoyed a significant increase in terms of visitors, including 64,000 Chinese tourists who visited in 2014. In 2016, nearly 756,000 people visited the park, which offer 184,000 acres to explore.


One of the marketing strategies formulated by Travel Oregon consists of partnering with overseas natural attractions visited by tourists with greater disposable incomes. For example, Crater Lake is now a sister park of the Wuyishan National Scenic Area in China as well as of Triglav National Park in Slovenia. The idea is to inform visitors of those parks that Crater Lake has characteristics that will appeal to them.


Local tourism promotion agencies in southern Oregon are also applying marketing strategies for the purpose of attracting more visitors. This region has a nice range of activities to offer, from rafting to hiking and from fishing to winery tours. Increased tourism could bring millions of dollars in economic activities to counties such as Coos, Douglas, Josephine, and Klamath.


Although Travel Oregon is mostly engaged in promoting the state tourism industry to visitors from overseas, Travel Southern Oregon is currently focusing on presenting the region as a weekend option for visitors from Portland, a city that counts many residents with higher disposable incomes. Other places where this local agency plans to include in its marketing strategy include the Willamette Valley as well as San Francisco and Sacramento in California.


One of the marketing strategies that local tourism promotion agencies in Oregon are applying is to target Silicon Valley and other West Coast regions where there is a higher concentration of IT professionals whose salaries allow them to engage in tourism more frequently.