Organo Gold’s Ganoderma Processing Method leading Entrepreneurship

Organo Gold is raging across 50 countries creating a community of leaders and entrepreneurs through their distributor promotion opportunity. The center image of their company is body health and positivity. Organo Gold began as a small company promoting the special ingredient used in their signature coffees and teas, a mushroom plant called Ganoderma. The mushroom plant is regarded as a highly important medicinal plant in the East Asian culture. Watch this video on Youtube. Ganoderma is an oddly shaped mushroom that grows on trees. Organo Gold’s processing involves cutting tree logs from the Wuyi Mountains, center of the China region, and processing them through a soft opening shell process in order to retain the spores available inside the Ganoderma. On top of maintaining sustainability standards by using the whole part of the mushroom, Organo Gold works with the largest certified Ganoderma botany plantations to provide certified organic production to its customers. The Ganoderma has the potency of some of the richest antioxidants around the globe. Not only does it prove to release stress by lowering blood pressure inside out but also strengthens the immune system. The staple ingredient in all of Organo Gold’s products is of course Ganoderma, as well as other rich antioxidants. Coffees and teas make a large portion of Organo Gold’s Ganoderma supplement sales in addition to its other upcoming popular products. Organo Gold offers protein shakes as well as supplement varieties containing Ganoderma for the nutrition-aware individual. Organo Gold also promotes the omnipotent use of Ganoderma with their skincare line of Ganoderma soap and with their line of Ganoderma toothpaste. Visit to know more.

Organo Gold is conscious of worldwide recognition as a result of their distributor program. Distributors serious in their marketing efforts with Organo Gold have the potential to earn up to $20,000 or more a year. A standard semi-invested distributor has the potential to earn up to $600 annually during their first year. Organo Gold also recognizes their standard employees by maintaining a monthly blog board displaying the current top sellers or distributors worth recognizing. Furthermore, Organo Gold is a socially aware company and hosts community events focused on guiding youth entrepreneurs across the world.