Over One Million Chinese Tourists Visited LA in 2016

Los Angeles has always been an ideal destination for visitors from around the world. The warm weather, the vast shopping and dining options, the beautiful landscape, and the entertainment destinations all attract tourists. This past year, the city attracted over a million visitors from China alone. This was the first time that an American city crossed over that threshold.


Tourism in LA has been on the rise in recent years. In general, people in many areas of the world have seen their incomes rise, and a lot of them choose to spend their money on vacations. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood, and the beaches up and down the coast are all known around the world, and these big attractions help draw in visitors. Those with significant resources to spend can hit the shops along Rodeo Drive and in high-end malls. This sales revenue is a great boon for the city in terms of taxes and boosting the local economy.


For the Chinese, Los Angeles is a relatively easy destination to get to. Non-stop flights operated between LAX and many cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai. Visitors can join tour groups, leaving all of the planning to their guides. They can be transported from the airport to their hotels and around the city, with everything down to their meals planned.


People can also visit on their own, as LA is a city that’s used to tourists wandering around its streets. Taxis, buses, and light rail can take people wherever they need to be, and the city is filled with immigrants and long-time residents who speak Chinese.