Equities First Holdings news on best loan package

Equities First Holdings is a firm that provides alternative financing. The firm deals with shareholding loans which are considered far much safer than the margin loans. Shareholding loans are available to people who have stocks in publicly traded companies. One can use the stocks as a collateral asset for the loans he or she desires. Shareholding loans are not common in the commercial banking sector and this is the reason that All Christy, CEO and financial expert of Equities First Holdings started this firm. The firm intends to solve the challenges that have faced low-income earners who are not granted loans by commercial banks due to low credit score. Equities First Holdings loan packages are the best you can find anywhere. The interest rates are low and fixed. This means that even as the world faces economic turmoil, there is nothing that can happen to the interest rates. They will remain fixed.

New Needle Disposal Sites Are Set To Open In The Portland Area

In the Portland area, the upsurge of opiate/opioid use has resulted in a larger need for proper syringe disposal. The problem is so bad that an alarming amount of syringes/needles are found on the ground in various parts of the city. Recently, 1,500 syringes/needles were found on the ground along Interstate 84, in Sullivan’s Gulch.

There are already programs that have been put in place for safe disposal of syringes/needles. Many parks and libraries already have small boxes in bathrooms where people can dispose their needles. There is a walkway below the Burnside Bridge where users can find a free, 24-hour box to drop their needles. There is also another box below the Steel Bridge. In Oregon City and Northwest Portland, Metro offers syringe disposal services at transfer facilities. Metro gives people in the counties of Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington the opportunity to rent out their own sharps container for a fee of $5.00.

In an effort to not create sleazy, scary, dangerous sites, people in the community have advocated for there to be disposal sites at fire houses.

Six new disposal sites are planned to open soon in Southeast and North Portland. By the end of Spring, 2018, there will be three new drop boxes ready for use. The cost of these three drop boxes will be $200,000. Multnomah county is partnering with Portland Business Alliance, TriMet and Metro to get the project underway.

The locations of the three sites will be at Fire Station 22 on 7205 North Alta Street; the Multnomah County Bridge shop on 1403 Southeast Water Avenue and Fire Station 11 on 5707 Southeast 92nd Avenue. Decisions are being made as to where future drop sites should be. Places like the Interstate 84 Corridor—the place where 1,500 needles/syringes were found, are definite candidates.

Hopefully, efforts like this will diminish any reputation that Portland might have of being a somewhat dirty place where there are needles everywhere. These efforts will make it so that visitors to the City of Roses will be least likely to catch site of a needle and/or syringe in their travels.

Cal Jet Service to Las Vegas Suddenly Cancelled

The short-lived commercial air service from Carlsbad to Las Vegas offered by local airline Cal Jet was suddenly cancelled this week on the heels of many cancelled flights and much speculation about the future of the airline. The flights had begun operation last September, serving customers flying out of Carlsbad’s McClellan-Palomar Airport. In an email this week, Cal Jet assured customers that more flights will be launched later this summer to multiple west coast destinations, signaling that the airline is not ceasing operations. A Thursday announcement on Facebook by Cal Jet CEO Bob Daly and president George Wozniak stated that the airline would resume Las Vegas service in June with plans to Oakland and Phoenix also that month. In July, Cal Jet plans to add service to Sacramento, Cabo, and San Jose.

Signs of trouble had been brewing for months with unexpectedly cancelled flights and customers unable to book flights in the system. Cal Jet officials assure customers that they are working to add the necessary aircraft and crew members needed to operate at full capacity. It remains to be seen if Cal Jet will continue its partnership with Portland, Maine based Elite Airways. Officials at McClellan-Palomar Airport expressed support for Cal Jet, stating that they will be ready for them to resume service when the airline is ready.

Residents of North County delighted in the convenient service directly out of the local Carlsbad airport and hope that the airline is able to return and begin servicing even more destinations.

UK Cities To West Coast USA

You can make fantastic business class round-trip deals on British Airways and American Airlines which will include excellent seats on the best planes and even score a ton of points as you head to and from the United Kingdom to some of the West Coast USA cities.

Incredibly good deals on direct flights will give you extreme savings and maximize your points and could also include five nights at a four-star hotel. An example is the destination of Portland, which is right in the middle of the West Coast, where you can also arrange cheap flights to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and other cities.

These outstanding deals are for departures on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays through the end of September, 2018. The very best deals are from Jersey to Portland on American Airlines and then on to London, Glasgow, or Manchester. Also available is San Francisco from London with car hire.

You can enjoy exploring your West Coast destination city including Portland, the largest city in Oregon, with its Mount Hood, Washington Park, Japanese Garden, Oregon Zoo, exceptional coffee houses and microbreweries, and its theater, art, and music offerings.

In San Francisco, there is the famous Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, cable cars, and so much more.

Seattle, Washington State’s largest city, has the futuristic 1962 World’s Fair legacy Space Needle as its most iconic landmark. There is also the Museum of Flight, Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Seattle Aquarium, and other attractions.

Talos Energy Recent Acquisition Helps Them with Success

Since Talos Energy recently acquired Stone Energy, they’ve done their best to help people with the process of being acquired by a new company. They knew there were options they could use that would help them and they decided to use these options to give themselves a better chance at success in the future. The company tried everything they could to give people a chance on their own. It was their idea to make Stone Energy part of how they worked. It was also something that gave them the chance to keep doing things the right way. For Talos Energy, the acquisition just made sense.

As long as Talos Energy knew what they were doing, people could see how things could get better. They could also see what people were doing because of the hard work they put into the business. For Talos Energy, this made sense. It made it easier for them to try and help people so they didn’t have to worry about all the issues going on around them. Talos Energy liked everyone to see how they could continue their levels of success without issues that came to other companies.

Even when Talos Energy started drilling in Mexico, they found out about the things that were happening around them to different energy companies. They also found there were ways that would change because of their dedication with these companies. By looking at all of this, Talos Energy felt good about helping people. They saw their company was among the best in the industry. They didn’t let that stop them, though. They felt there were things they could do that would give them a chance to try things on their own. It was their way of showing people that things would get better.

Since Talos Energy is now a part of a publicly traded business, they know what happens that allows them the chance to try different things. It’s their idea of allowing people to see positive improvements in different areas that keeps them functioning properly. By looking at all of this, Talos Energy knows what they can do and knows they can do things the right way. It’s their goal to always help people and give customers a chance at a better future. For Talos Energy, the point of all this is giving back and giving everyone a chance to do things the right way no matter what issues they face.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/talos.energy/

Michael Burwell Secures New Position At Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson has recently announced that Michael “Mike” Burwell will be replacing Roger Millay as the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Michael Burwell has more than three decades of experience in finance and professional services, which was mostly acquired from his employment with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).


His work at PwC included handling senior level management positions such as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer in the United States, Head of Transaction Services in the United States, and Head of Global Transformation. Michael Burwell also has a vast knowledge on advisory experience related to Transaction Services for 12 years where he assisted companies in valuation and pre-merger due diligence. And being a CPA, he also has 11 years of audit experience.


In a statement related to the announcement, John Haley, Wills Tower Watson’s Chief Executive Officer expressed that the company is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Mike Burwell because he came at a time when Willis Towers Watson is at a vital turning point in its advancement as a global company. He added that Mike’s knowledge and experienced in leadership and management will help the company attain the desired results without sacrificing the need to serve the clients better.


Haley also stated he is certain that Willis Towers Watson will be able to achieve its full potential because Mike Burwell’s proficiency in transformation, transactions, and finance is suitable in influencing the company’s in its continuing integration endeavors as well as longstanding desire for expansion.


John Haley also said that Roger Millay’s service and impressive leadership has made the company more resilient in achieving it future objectives, and in this regard,  he would like to thank Roger for rendering his unwavering service to the company during his tenure.


Mike Burwell commented that he is pleased to be able to contribute to the future successes of the company that has a strong structure of leadership, a deep dedication to clients, and an inclusive culture. He also stated that it is a great privilege for him to be appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. Visit This Page for related information.


As of the present, it has 40,000 personnel employed in over 140 countries. The company has a reputed name in brokerage, solutions and advisory services. It specializes in formulating programs or plans that are created to enhance benefits and manage the risk involved in investments to secure the client’s capital.


Bainbridge Farmer’s Market Open For Season

When you think about the top marketplaces in Seattle the most popular answer is likely the iconic Pike Place market downtown, but there are plenty of other “diamonds in the rough” that are most definitely worth the trip. In particular, the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market (which takes place on the Saturday’s from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM April through December) is one of the most unique and exciting markets in the entire city and is totally worth checking out.

For those who are not familiar with Bainbridge Island, it is a beautiful little island located just a short thirty minute ferry ride away from Downtown Seattle. Not only is the ferry ride different and exciting, it offers breathtaking views of the city while you make your way over to the island. Once arriving, the Farmer’s Market has some truly one of a kind stuff and features all sorts of different: plants, vegetables, knick-knacks, and other great homemade goods. In fact, they offer selections from over 40 different local vendors. The ferry ride makes this already great Farmer’s Market more of an adventure that the whole family can enjoy, and there are plenty of places on the island to take the entire family for refreshments (and even a small brewery to get a beer — if that is your thing!).

Farmer’s Markets are one of the coolest things in our society, and Seattle is chock full of them. However, if you are looking for one that offers an entirely different vibe than any other Farmer’s Market in the city (or the country for that matter) then the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market is a must see!

Tony Petrello Brings Tommy Tune To His Estate For A Homecoming Party

The star of Broadway shows like “The Will Rogers Follies,” “My One and Only,” and “A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine,” Houston born Tommy Tune came back home to celebrate a successful career there. He performed in Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre, but afterwards he was brought to the home of Tony Petrello, the leader of an oil company who was present at the performance. Petrello showed Tune around his estate and had conversations about both business and leisure. Petrello has been supporting artistic productions like theater and concerts over the years, but he’s also gone beyond that.

Most people know Petrello as one of America’s wealthiest oil executives since he’s been in charge of Nabors Industries’ main leadership core for 7 years but has been with them for more than 20 years. Part of his responsibility has been overseeing the deployment and installation of high-powered rigs and pipelines at various drilling sites. He also has been pushing for more robotic and automated drilling with new series. Nabors Industries averages over $2 billion a year in production revenue and is also now merged with Tesco Corporation, a merger that Petrello helped complete. His highest recorded compensation in one year was $68.7 million, much of which was in bonuses, stocks and equity, but it earned him the title of top-paid boss that year.

Tony Petrello is a graduate of Yale University, and his time there was talked about by an old roommate of his who recalled how he studied under the notable professor Serge Lange. He received high honors in mathematics, the field he excelled in at the time. But Petrello decided his numbers skills could be put best to use in finance law, so he went to law school and then became an attorney for a major New York City firm known as Baker & McKenzie. He practiced there for 13 years before the biggest opportunity presented itself in 1991 to become an oil company executive.

Along with supporting fine arts and education in Houston, Anthony Petrello is also involved in healthcare philanthropy. He’s the father of a young girl named Carena who has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair to get around. Petrello had some of the toughest moments realizing that Carena would never have a normal life, but he desired to help other children not have to go through what she did. So he got to know the doctors and research teams at the Texas Children’s Hospital neurological institute, and he gave their foundation $7 million to aid the discovery of cures for brain disorders.

Disneyland to Implement Mobile Food Ordering

Disney continues to lead the way in incorporating emerging technologies into its business model to benefit guests looking for a more seamless travel experience. On Friday, the Disneyland Resort announced that restaurants at its two California theme parks will soon be implementing mobile ordering. The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida rolled out the program last year to rave reviews from guests. Disneyland travelers will be able to access the service through the theme park’s app. Guests will have the opportunity to browse menus, place customized orders, and select the time to pick up their meal – all without waiting in line. When the pick-up time arrives, guests will check-in to the restaurant via the app and then pick up their food at the designated location. The mobile ordering service will be available at a variety of quick service restaurants and snack kiosks located throughout Disneyland and Disney Califonia Adventure.

Mobile food ordering is a natural extension of the other digital measures implemented by Disney parks to make theme park travel more convenient and streamlined for its guests. In addition to the traditional FastPass system, guests also now have the opportunity to use the Disney app to select ride times through the MaxPass digital attraction reservation system. All of these systems are designed to keep visitors out of line and enjoying more time, and spending more money, throughout the parks.

Aloha Construction: Placing Employees in the Forefront of Success

Aloha Construction is winning by placing employees at the forefront of success for the company. Due to this methodology, along with other strong business characteristics, Aloha Construction has been honored by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The team has a resounding employee base that supports much of the Wisconsin and Illinois areas.

Aloha Construction rewards their top performing employees in a multitude of ways. One of their more noteworthy honors includes an all-inclusive week in Hawaii for top-notch team members. All expenses are covered by the company and the employee has an opportunity to bring the family along. The company promotes work and life balance. Employees get paid vacation time to spend with family without having to worry about expenses or costs. This alone is an awesome incentive. The incentive also confirms that Aloha Construction delivers on workplace appreciation. All employees are honest and hardworking. The team diligently works together for the same common goal of providing stellar roofing construction services to the community.

Aloha Construction, a bonded professional roofing, and construction company’s headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company got its start in 2008. The construction enterprise takes care of customers in the Greater Chicago, Midwestern, and Great Lake areas. It was founded and created by Dave Farbaky. Chief Executive Officer, Dave Farbaky values the company’s quality standards as well as his pool of committed employees. Mr. Farbaky drives for team success by providing his employees with the proper tools and training. He also is a huge proponent of maintaining and nurturing a highly productive and content workplace environment. Dave Farbaky realizes that his employees are an integral of the company’s triumphs. He and his team put there best foot forward on a continuous basis. They are proud honorees of the prestigious 2017 Torch Award by way of diligence, hard work, and dedication.