D23 Expo Highlights Plans for Disney Parks

Die-hard Disney fans gathered at the Anaheim Convention Center this month to experience the D23 Expo, a biennial event presented by the Disney-run D23 fan club. The 23 in D23 stands for the year Walt Disney first arrived in Hollywood, and will be hallmarked by 23 different unique developments throughout the theme parks nationwide. These new additions will celebrate popular Disney culture, and focuses exclusively on the company’s film, television shows, parks and other properties. This indicates a huge growth period for the popular entertainment empire.

New lands will be created, one of which is based on the legendary Star Wars franchise. Slated to open in 2019 in the California and Florida parks, ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ will be a highly-immersive, sci-fi haven where visitors can eat at the Cantina, interact with characters, tour the starships, and get their geek on bigtime. A hotel based on the Star Wars theme is also planned.

Other events in the works include the upcoming Disney 50th Anniversary in 2021. Expect new rides and features to be unveiled in nearly every park during this blowout celebration. Epcot, originally built in 1982, is slated to get a total revamp due to wear and aging. Created as more of an education-based entertainment, imagineers will continue interjecting more whimsy and fun. One example is the plan for a Ratatouille ride in the France pavilion of Epcot. Riders will experience 4D imagery and be ‘shrunk down’ to the size of a rat on this exciting adventure.

New Disney Vacation Club hotels and resorts are planned, such as the Disney Riviera Resort, which will be positioned near Epcot. Various themed restaurants will complement many of the new land areas, like the out-of-this-world spot near the Mission: Space area, and Uber-like vans, ‘Minnie Vans’, will offer door-to-door transportation for guests.

Susan McGalla: A businesswoman and a leader

Susan McGalla is an American entrepreneur and founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan McGalla also serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at The Pittsburgh Steelers. She is best identified as the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. and former president of American Eagle Outfitters

McGalla serves as a board member of HFF Inc., a company that renders commercial real estate services, as well as the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. McGalla served as a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and an executive of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

McGalla began working at Joseph Horne Company between 1986 and 1994 before joining American Eagle Outfitters. At American Eagle Outfitters, she held different executive positions, from 1994 to 2009, ultimately ending up as the President of American Eagle.

In 2011 Susan McGalla joined Wet Seal as the CEO and would serve to provide consulting services to a variety of corporations. She left the company in July 2012.

After she left Wet Seal, McGalla established P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she renders expert advice based on her long experience in the fashion industry. Ms. McGalla as well gives retail consulting for the financial community.

Susan McGalla has assisted lead the way for women leaders to show their capability to the world. McGalla credits her upbringing to her comfort in serving with both men and women. She grew up with a football coach dad and two brothers, Susan was not accorded special treatment as a child because she was a girl. She had to compete for her space as the boys. She brought this lesson ahead in life and has been amazingly successful, holding various high-level managerial positions.

McGalla was a member of the innovative “wear what we wear” campaign to urge followers to buy Steeler gear. McGalla took confidence into her jobs, and this is what enabled her to rise the ladder seemingly with ease.

Susan McGalla is a successful business woman who knows what is required to grow up in positions and maintain them. For Susan McGalla hard work, passion, versatility, and confidence are necessary traits to making gratifying results in life.


The Best Traveling Destinations of the West Coast of the United States

The far west coast of the United States is full of great destinations for tourists from other countries and Americans from others states alike. With fabulous beaches, places with snow and places with beauties that are ranked among the most outstanding touristic destinations in the world. The U.S. is truly a great place to live but also an excellent place to travel to, if you know how to look.

San Francisco, for example, is a beautiful place to visit with great environmental areas like the Napa Valley which is also a fantastic place for wine lovers, as many influential wine brands are produced in the Napa Valley.

There’s also Monterey to visit and Carmel near the ocean, great places for those who want to find some peace and rest a little during their traveling across the U.S.

Why leave California out? One of the most significant states of the West side of the U.S., with Oregon and Los Angeles in a fantastic highway for those who live to drive around the country.

Do not stop only to see the commercial centers of each city you visit during your trip to the west coast of the United States. Make sure to visit the borders of the nation, where fabulous beaches, coasts, and the flora of California which is ranked among the most beautiful ones you can experience.

San Diego is obviously a fan favorite from most of the tourists who move there. There is so much to do in San Diego for night owls and nature lovers alike. San Diego is understandably the preferable destination for the western part of the country.

Of course, definitely, last but not least, the west side of the United States has the presence of Las Vegas, where you can meet the famous casinos of the city, the magnificent desert around the tall buildings and some of the most memorable places in Hollywood movies.

Ricardo Tosto’s Career is an Example of the Right Way to be an Attorney

Ricardo Tosto has always made sure that he is doing things the right way with his legal career. He tries to do things that will help his clients and this is what has allowed him the chance to make sure that things are going to work out. For the people who use his services, he tries to give them all of the different options that they can benefit from. And contact him, He also wants to make sure that he is consistently working to improve his business so that he will be able to give his clients everything that they need. This has allowed Ricardo Tosto to continue functioning and has allowed him to make all of the right choices as an attorney. He knows the best way to help his clients and has always been committed to helping them with the options that they need and learn more about Ricardo.

While Ricardo Tosto has been doing different things, he has also been able to show people what they can get out of different situations. One of the biggest things that he has done is been able to help people and try new things. He has worked with celebrities as well as the government and big businesses. It is something that he gets to do because he is so good at being an attorney and because he knows how he is able to help different people. All of the work that he has done has paid off and it has helped him to become better at the best attorney practices.

Attorneys in Brazil have to work especially hard. Even though there are not as many attorneys in Brazil as there are in places like the United States, there are a lot of people that are competing to get the most clients possible. Most of the attorneys have to work hard to make sure that they are able to get more clients than the others. For someone to be as successful as what Ricardo Tosto has been, they have to work very hard and maintain very high standards for the work that they are doing in different areas that they are a part of and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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Visit The Beautiful Beach of California

California is known for its breathtaking beaches with crystal blue water and sandy beaches. When tourists visit this state they are many different beaches to choose from to visit depending on what part of the California you are staying in.

Wildcat Beach is located in Marni California. It does not have many services but the view is breathtaking once you arrive. The beach has a the Wildcat campground nearby and hiking, boating, swimming and fishing. Others activities are backpacking and mountain biking. Wildcat Beach has 2.5 miles of beach. To get to his beach you have to hike about 5 miles.

Shelter Cove is known for its black sandy beach. It is in a secluded location and known for its peaceful fishing community. It is accessible only by boat or plane and has 3.5 miles of beach and coral reefs.

Catalina Island in Los Angles is the home to many different beaches. The Avalon beaches are located outside the city and within walking distance from hotels and restaurants. Most of these beaches have swimming and sunbathing and nearby restrooms.

Descanso Beach has many activities for tourists. Admission is $2 and the water is crystal clear. Activities offered are swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking. There are restrooms, cabana and umbrella rentals. There is an open air restaurant at the Descanso Beach Club that serves sandwiches, salads, wine and beer.

Other beaches to visit in Catalina are South Beach, Middle Beach and Step Beach and Two Harbour Beaches. There are many striking beaches in California with distinctive features.

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California Beaches Are The Most Scenic in The US

Visit some of the most scenic beaches in California. These beaches are Wildcat Beach, Catlina Island Beaches and Shelter Cove.

California Hotel Offers Travel Deal

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the famous “Summer of Love” that so many songs have been written about. California’s Graduate Berkeley hotel is offering a great travel deal to those people who are feeling a little nostalgic. They are currently offering one room for two people for a very reasonable $289 for each night. Included in this price is a pair of tickets for the Bay Area Rapid Transit that will take you and a guest to the scenic city of San Francisco and back to the hotel. You will be able to enjoy “The Summer of Love Experience” exhibit that is currently at the DeYoung Museum. Also included is dinner for two at the restaurant in the hotel called Henry’s. This terrific deal will be available until August 19th.

The Graduate Berkeley hotel was recently renovated and now features 144 rooms. Going to the Bay Area is a terrific destination for any occasion. This travel deal is perfect for couples who have always wanted to visit San Francisco and have been looking for the right time. It is also a great opportunity for couples who are just trying to find the right place to have a weekend getaway in a location with beautiful scenery. There are a wide variety of festivities that are planned around the Bay Area to commemorate the “Summer of Love.” Couples who are planning to take advantage of this offer would be wise to do some research prior to their trip. Go online and find out exactly when and where certain events are occurring.

People who will be coming to San Francisco to experience the “Summer of Love” 50th anniversary celebration should seriously think about buying tickets to events in advance. Some of the events that are planned in the city throughout the summer will have limited ticket availability on the day of the performance. Therefore, buy tickets to all of the events you will be attending prior to your trip.

US Health Advisors: Protecting the Unprotected

US Health Advisors is a highly successful insurance company that has been involved in the insurance business for the past 50 years. Through their subsidiaries, US Health advisors offer several different types of insurance policies such as life insurance, disease, and disability, dental, vision, and accident. The company has many years’ experience in giving insurance coverage for individuals, individuals with small businesses, and for their employees. To date, US Health advisors have given insurance to more than 15 million individuals. The company is based in Dallas. As far as working for the company is concerned, agents regularly earn six figure incomes through the companies generous compensation package.

US Health Advisors operates on the principle that all customers are not the same, therefore their needs will not be the same. Unlike other insurance companies, this company does not follow the “one size fits all” principle. That way, potential customers can choose from a wide array of products that suit them. In fact, for customers worried about high initial costs the company offers first dollar benefits for covered services and network discounts from many providers. First dollar policies offer the customer affordable and good plans at entry level prices, as opposed to the more expensive comprehensive plans. This is why in a nut shell many small business owners have converted to US Health Advisors.

Customer Service

It doesn’t matter what any company stands for or offers its customers if they cannot back up their products. US Health Advisors is a company that understands the importance of prompt and good customer service. In fact, the proof is in the pudding because the company has been consistently rated as one of the best companies for customer service by North American Call Center. They give this award based on the fact the company is very prompt at processing claims and payments. Because of this, the Better Business Bureau has awarded US Health Advisors an A+ rating. 


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The Stellar Reputation And Services Provided By USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. They specialize in providing their clients with innovative insurance for life, sickness, disease, disability and accidents. They serve individuals who are self-employed, small businesses, and families. All of their plans are tailored to suit the needs of their clients.


Their insurance for specified disease, sickness, and accidents is designed to promote customer choice and reflects the customers needs. Clients have the ability to choose whichever options are most appropriate for their circumstances. The plans incorporate an innovation in design that is affordable, flexible, and reliable.


For clients concerned with budgets and high annual deductibles there are products available covering a substantial network discount through numerous providers. These first dollar benefit plans are less expensive than plans with a more comprehensive coverage yet still provide protection.


Customers seeking more tailored coverage for security are offered unique selections and solutions that have become a substantial part of USHEALTH Advisors commitment to reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.


USHEALTH Advisors has built a reputation on enhancing the protection of their customers with a full and varied line of ancillary products including Accident, Income Protector, Vision Plans, Dental Plans, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Critical Illness, Term Life Insurance, and Specified Disease and Sickness. They build customer loyalty and develop relations with their customers that last for the long term. Their personal attention to their clients have given them recognition in the business world and supported their innovation, growth, and customer care.


USHEALTH Advisors believe in the uniqueness of their customers and that the one size fits all philosophy usually does not work. This is the reason they have chosen to offer solutions that are not only affordable but meet the specific needs of their clients. They give their clients the ability to choose their own plan and their claim processing and customer service are exceptional and have become the envy of the world of the insurance industry. They have earned an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau their stellar reputation and the quality of the services they provide. This is a company that truly places their customers first. https://www.facebook.com/HopeHelpingOtherPeopleEveryday/

The New Wave of Pharmaceutical Technology: Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is an American based biopharmaceutical company that is in Cranbury, New Jersey. Amicus Therapeutics is an organization that is dedicated to providing the right services for certain diseases such as the Fabry Disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and the Pompe Disease. Amicus Therapeutics has developed programs that cater to these diseases. Amicus Therapeutics became well known due to them having the most comprehensive portfolio of small molecule pharmacological chaperones in the industry. Amicus Therapeutics is drawn to make the world better by studying rare and orphan diseases. Amicus Therapeutics live by four principles. The four principles include the commitment to their patients, employees, the communities, and their shareholders. The primary focus of these diseases is understanding the disorders that follow these rare diseases. Amicus Therapeutics therapy is based on the Chaperone- Advanced Replacement Therapy and this type of treatment is attentive on the enzyme replacement of the body (SeekingAlpha). During the year of 2010, Amicus Therapeutics received a $500,000 grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help with the training with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Amicus Therapeutics also receive another grant of $210,200 from the Alzheimer`s Drug Discovery Foundation to help with the Alzheimer`s disease with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Amicus has decided to increase their company to another location in San Diego.

Amicus Therapeutics is committed to making sure that everything that they do is right and that they have the honor to perform their services. The one thing that is reliable about them is that Amicus believes in trusting one another. Amicus Therapeutics believes in honesty and integrity. Amicus Therapeutics wants to make sure that their loyalty is given back to you. Amicus wants to make sure that one has the right support to help in whatever that one needs. Amicus takes pride in what they do as a pharmaceutical company.

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The Multi-Variate Testing is Helping Businesses Grow

With multi-variate testing, Sentient AI knows that they will be providing a service that no other artificial intelligence company is able to provide. It is a premier service and it is something that they have relied on to make sure that they are optimized on their own. That is one of the things about running an AI company like Sentient- they always know that they will be able to test the products that they have on their own business to see if they work before they decide that they are going to start marketing them to other businesses.

Since multi-variate testing worked so well for Sentient AI, they knew that it was the right choice for them to be able to show people that they could do the same thing with the options that they had. While multi-variate testing works for the majority of different people and with different services, there are other things that the company needs to know how to do so that they can show businesses what they need to get out of different situations. All of this has led to the company working to make sure that things are going to get better for all of their businesses.

When a company chooses to use multi-variate testing, they can start doing it as soon as they have some type of optimization in place. The idea behind the testing is that they can figure out whether or not their optimization is working and how well it is working. Because of this, the company knows that they will need to make the choice that will allow them the opportunity to continue using the optimization or switch to something else. When they can do this, they know that they will be able to try new things and then test them with the same type of method so that they can make sure that they are working.

In a world that is ruled by media and ecommerce, it is increasingly important for businesses to make sure that they are doing what they can to improve their ecommerce presence. All of these things will make it easier for people to try new things and to get more out of the options that they have. It is also something that will give people the opportunities that they need to be able to cater to all of the clients that choose to visit their site.