Meet Greg Secker, a Renowned Foreign Exchange and Finance Trading Expert

Greg Secker has undeniably made a reputation for himself in the foreign exchange and financial trading segments. In an interview with CEOCFOInterviews, he delved deeper into his life, career, and accomplishments. Greg began his journey into the world of finance back in his university days. While selling and building computers, he learned coding, which eventually landed him an interview with Thomas Cook Financial Services at a job fair. Greg did not only get the Job at the company but also became part of creating the Virtual Trading Desk.

After getting bored of trading alone in his house, Greg Secker embarked on sharing his knowledge and passion with other people in 2003. Since then, he has appeared on stage approximately 6000 times. Greg has graced several events including the National Achievers Congress and Success Summit Congress with his presence.

Aside from mentoring other people on foreign exchange and financial trading, Greg Secker operates The Greg Secker Foundation. The aim of the foundation is empowering the youth with early life skills. Also, Greg is a recent addition to the Ambassadors for City Philanthropy’s board. As an ambassador, he will be involved in encouraging more business owners and entrepreneurs to take part in philanthropy.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker experience and knowledge about financial trading and foreign exchange is nothing short of impressive. In fact, in the mid-90s, he served Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. Secker was in charge of creating foreign exchange trading systems. In fact, the creation of Virtual Trading Desk, a platform for online Forex trading, allowed him to scoop the British Telecom Award in 1998. Secker became the VP of Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25 years before retiring in 2003 to be a full-time trader.

From his living room, Greg Secker began mentoring other individuals on trading strategies. This endeavor gave rise to the creation of Knowledge to Action Group. As a financial trading expert, he has penned several books such as Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex. Furthermore, Greg Secker has carved a reputation for himself as the brains behind the founding of companies like SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, Capital Index and Learn to Trade.

California’s Wine Country Tourism Tries to Recover After Wildfires

After the most devastating wildfire season in history, California is working on attracting visitors to the wine county region in the Napa Valley. Even though the devastating fires destroyed hundreds of residences and claimed dozens of lives, many vineyards and cellars in Santa Rosa County were largely spared; this is something that tourism promoters in Northern California are trying to convey to prospective visitors.

The wildfires that raged across Santa Rosa County decimated more than 150,000 acres of land; however, vineyards and wine making facilities that routinely receive visitors were not affected thanks to numerous firebreaks. The local tourism agency, Visit Napa Valley, has kept local business owners in the loop about the status of the wineries and vineyards; the next step will be to invite guests to a wine region tour hosted by celebrity chefs, who will prepare a feast for more than 700 people.

Mendocino County was also affected by wildfires, but local tourism operators are anything but idle; they recently organized a mushroom tour also hosted by celebrity chefs. Visitors learn about the many gourmet edible mushrooms that can be found in this part of Northern California, and they also learn to prepare delicious recipes taught by famous chefs who regularly appear on reality television programs.

To get an idea of the importance of wine country tourism to California and the Wet Coast, it helps to note that the Napa Valley attracts more than seven million visitors each year, and these are the type of tourists who tend to be wealthier and likely to spend more during their visit.

California Is Doing Thanksgiving Different This Year

Many people in California are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving differently this year. A tradition that was started decades ago is resurfacing, which is to eat salmon on Thanksgiving. This tradition originated in the Pacific Northwest. It’s no wonder that the Pacific Northwest sells more seafood than any other part of California.

The way to make the salmon is oven baked with toasted almond glazed on top of it. A common side dish would be parsley salad or the like. Californians participating in this tradition are planning to be creative as possible. There have been rumors of chopping the salmon up and mixing it with mixed vegetables, and other people are rumored to actually stuff their turkey with salmon. These individuals believe it is good to start a new tradition from an old one.

Another reason why the salmon tradition is coming back is due to health reasons. Californians have been informed that salmon is healthier than turkey. This is information people in California want to pass down to their children and grandchildren.

This health issue is especially true for people who want to do their traditional shopping at 4 a.m. the next morning. Turkey is known to make people tired and sluggish. Salmon does just the opposite and rejuvenates the body.

Though a lot of people in California are participating in the old salmon tradition, many people are still going to have Thanksgiving the old-fashioned way. This will include turkey, pudding, pies, sports, fun and games, and so much more.

Real Estate Investment Tips to learn from Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci has impressed many people with the many achievements and changes that he has brought to the real estate sector. The fact that he started from a humble background and made significant progress is the major reason behind the many people that seek his counsel. Though he went through many challenges while he was young, Nick did not give up on his dreams but instead put a great effort towards accomplishing his goals. He started his career at eighteen when he launched a computer and accessories firm that was significant progress in his life not until it collapsed after several years of operation.

Vertucci then opted to join a real estate seminar that his friend had told him about and the considerable attention that he gave to the speaker in the conference saw him gain great ideas on how he could establish his real estate firm. His commitment and ability to take risks then lead him to give the real estate business a try, and he got it right. Vertucci later launched the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy after several years of operating in the real estate sector and acquiring more techniques on the basics for success in the sector.

The fact that Nick Vertucci had experienced the many challenges is the primary reason why he established the real estate firm so that he could mentor other people, particularly the young ones and give them an opportunity to make their dreams a reality. Through js real estate firm, Vertucci has now offered real estate training and equipped people with tips on the requirements for a better operation and successful establishment of a real estate firm/. He has also helped several of his learners establish their companies to purchase a rental apartment and invest in single-family rentals successfully.


Vertucci encourages individuals to believe in themselves and learns not to ignore their inner drives as they guide their steps towards accomplishing their dreams. He insists that individuals who pay attention to their desires must employ the required strategies and take the critical steps towards achieving them and making them happen. He, however, warns people not to take uncalculated risks as they may lead to severe outcomes and damages that cannot be reversed.Nick Vertucci also insists that everyone should be ready to move spontaneously with the all emerging trends to ensure that their operations are not outdated.

San Jose Tourist Attraction Featured in New Book

San Jose author and macabre historian Colin Dickey has written a new nonfiction book exploring the famous haunted house of San Jose, the Winchester Mystery House. Published by Viking, “Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places” started from Dickey’s childhood experiences of growing up near the reputedly haunted mansion in San Jose.

As a child, Dickey became fascinated with the mysterious building. This interest didn’t wane over the years while he earned his doctorate in comparative literature and began teaching creative writing at San Diego’s National University. In 2009, he delved into the grisly world of grave robbing with “Cranioklepty: Grave Robbing and the Search for Genius”, a historical true crime account of larcenous phrenologists. With his newest effort, Dickey has hit closer to home by focusing on the origins of the legends that surround the Winchester Mystery House.

The Winchester Mystery House started life as a humble farmhouse. Sarah Winchester, the wealthy widow of rifle mogul William Winchester, purchased the house and began a lifelong construction project. Over a period of 38 years, she added on multiple additions, built doors that opened into blank walls and filled the house with hidden passageways. Local legends explained Sarah’s strange building obsession with spooky stories about vengeful ghosts determined to haunt the widow of the man whose rifles killed them. According to popular lore, Sarah would be safe from these malevolent forces as long as she kept building on to her home.

Dickey paints a less sensational picture of Sarah Winchester in his new book, arguing that she was more motivated by architectural interests than spiritual. He also connects her to the phenomenon of building ghost stories around independent women. The childless widow did not match the cultural norms of the day, and Dickey argues that the ghost tales may have been a response to this.

“Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places” is currently available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions. An audiobook version of the book is also available from Penguin Audio.

Clean, Affordable Places To Stay When Going Out West To the West Coast

The West Coast of the United States is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. It has been a sought after place for people all over America for many years. If you are traveling out west to the West Coast, there are a number of places that you can stay at that are relatively cheap. Some of these places range from being jewels to being dumps. Here is a list of clean, affordable places to stay at that are located in convenient, pedestrian-friendly areas.

The Dolphin Motel in San Diego is one of Southern California’s best deals when it comes to quality and cost. You can stay here for $55 a night. The Dolphin Motel is located in San Diego, in Point Loma. It is located only five minutes from the airport. The motel is owned by a family that takes good care of the place. They offer beds, continental breakfast and internet.

The Sundown Inn in Morro, California, charges $45 per night during their slower season. During their summer season, they may charge double. Despite the low price, the place is pretty well-maintained. The surrounding area is known for a large rock that lies along the shore line, as well as an old power plant that is no longer being used.

At $115 a night the Ocean Park Motel in San Francisco, California, is a great deal. It is right next to the MUNI L-Taraval rail line, which is great because it makes it easier to traverse through the rest of the city. The Ocean Park Motel is near the coast, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch a sea breeze.

Norblad Hotel and Hostel in Astoria, Oregon, charges $69 per night. For hostel beds, they charge $29. They have Scandinavian-themed decor. Fort George Brewery is across the street. In Blue Scorcher Bakery and Street 14 Cafe, you can get a good cup of coffee.

OSI Group; the Successful Protein Supplier

Building a credible reputation is the key to steady expansion, and OSI Group is one of the few holdings across the globe that knows the tips to consider. The holding is a private and independently run company that is well-known for its fresh meat supplies and other related food services. The private company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

The company boasts of being in the game for more than a century after it was established in 1909. The venture was Otto Kolschowsky’s idea after he opened a meat market in Illinois. The fact that Otto was a German immigrant did not hinder him from pursuing his dream. Two years down the line, Otto moved to Maywood, Chicago to establish a wholesale meat business as a way of expansion.

Within a short time, the business was picking pace. In 1928, the company was rebranded as Otto & Sons. Under Kolschowsky’s tenure, the venture was swiftly attracting the attention of the local people for its quality meats. Otto & Sons came to the limelight when McDonald’s made its way to Illinois in 1955. McDonald’s chose Otto & Sons as the supplier of ground beef patties which meant more and more business deals in the future. Over time, Otto & Sons had become one of McDonald’s meat suppliers.

In 1973, the successful meat supplier launched a high-volume base in West Chicago. The new plant had a particular unit which facilitated other duties that were not related to McDonald’s. After two years, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries as a move to allow expansion. During that tenure, McDonald’s was also experiencing geographical growth which meant growth too for OSI Industries.

Over the past few decades, OSI has been undergoing tremendous growth owing to the presence of talented executives such as Sheldon Lavin. Today, the talented chap serves as the company’s chairman to the board of directors and CEO. Sheldon has the full control of interests at OSI Industries, and this has seen him named the top compensated CEO. Sheldon joined the company as an inactive member before McDonald’s persuaded him to get involved with the business directly. Sheldon’s presence in the company has brought more than enough benefits as it has grown into a global platform.

Sometime last year, the company was ranked number 58 on the Forbes’ list of private companies worth $6.1 billion. Today, OSI Group has plants in West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Riverside, California, Lowa, Oakland, Geneva, and the prominent in both Chicago and West Chicago. Today, the group works in close collaboration with renowned food brands in the production and packing of their products. Currently, the company is spread over 17 countries with over 65 stations and more are expected to be launched in the future to meet the high demand for the supplies.

OSI Group Info:

Myths Debunked For Those Who Wish To Go To The West Coast of the USA

Before traveling to the West Coast, there are a number of things to understand. There are many stereotypes and general beliefs about the place that are not entirely true.

For example, people on the West Coast are stereotyped as being raging leftists. Well, yes, there are a lot of left-winged people. However, there are also a lot of right-winged people. When you move away from the urban coastal areas, there are many more right winged people and voters of Republicans.

When people think of the West Coast, they tend to think of palm trees and eternal sun. The West Coast happens to be home to a variety of different climates that range from very hot to temperate. There are parts of the West Coast that experience freezing temperatures and snowy weather.

The “West Coast” is not just California; it consists of California, Oregon and Washington.

No, not everybody is blonde on the West Coast. When some people think of the West Coast, they may think of blonde, Barbie-like Valley girls. Not everybody is like this. There are plenty of brunettes, raven heads and maybe a few redheads thrown in.

Not every single human being in San Francisco is gay. The city has the highest amounts of people who identify as LGBTQ. However, when you look at the big picture, this makes up only 6.2% of the city’s entire population. About 4.6% of New York City’s population is in the millionaire category, though nobody says that everybody in New York City is a millionaire!

Highland Capital

Highland Capital is affiliated with Highland Capital Management, LP which is a successful investment firm that is based out of the Dallas region. A major financial deal was recently conducted based off of private equity funds in the health care sector. One-hundred-forty-seven million dollars were involved and investors from all over the world took part, including South Korea’s National Pension Service which is currently valued at approximately $565 trillion dollars. While South Korea was the leading investor in this deal, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute also participated. They also have an impressive track record with approximately $465 billion dollars of worth. Read this article at

The details that are discussed as part of this business agreement were outlined by all of the investors involved. Each party had their wishes and they are included such as very strategic and purposeful business models for South Korea, China and the United States. Investment opportunities are available moving forward as a way for all parties to profit further. For Highland Capital Management, this is a first time health care / private equity business opportunity but with major potential. Their experience with direct funds and multi-purpose funds make them a great candidate. Visit to know more.

The managing director for Highland Capital, Carl Moore, is confident that the details have been worked out thoroughly and that the business model that is in place will be greatly beneficial moving forward. A great deal of health care experience will bode well for Highland’s future along with their current amount of $15 billion in AUM; largely focusing on hedge funds, private equity funds, credit strategies, etc.


Bob Reina: He Will Go Above And Beyond

Bob Reina is the type of person that goes above and beyond in his life. It is the way he has always done things, and there does not appear to be anything slowing him down anytime soon. He knows there are a lot of animals and a lot of people that need help. He knows that if he slows down, perhaps these people won’t get the help they need and they won’t know what to do. Bob Reina wants to show them and let them know they have a bright future ahead of them. He wants to let them know they have options and they can have a second chance.


A second chance is something a lot of people crave, need, and want, but they don’t know if they will ever get it in their life. Talk Fusion provides that with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are the tools for the new type of business and the new type of worker. It is for the go-getters, the people like Bob Reina. As a matter of fact, there are 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion right now for people out there. If they want to go after it and if they want to do something about their lot in life, there is no better time like the present to capitalize on it and make the most of it. This is an award-winning company, so they can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.


Bob Reina is also known as the man that made the million-dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This saved a number of animal lives and it gave the Humane Society some much needed money to take care of all of the animals that come their way on a daily basis. Bob Reina is also known for paying vet bills for people that can’t afford it. He does that in silence and he does it because he wants to do it.


Bob Reina is a generous person and it shows in his actions, which carry a lot of weight with people. Learn more: