Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders Welcomes William Skelley as Its Newest Member

William Skelley founded and remains Chairman and CEO of iFunding, one of the most acknowledged titles in online based real estate investing. Dedicated to alternative real estate investing like crowdsourcing, William Skelley has created an accredited investment vehicle that allows accredited investors pool their money into large capital projects.

William Skelley was invited to be a member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders, an exclusive invite-only organization lead by Michael Stoler, during the group’s first dinner of 2016 at Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York. Skelley recognized for his vision and leadership in crowdfunding real estate investments and joins an elite club of men and women from companies like Carlyle Group, Cushman, and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CIT, and Kushner Companies.
When the SEC voted to approve regulations for Title II of the JOBS Act, Skelley quickly adapted to the concept of real estate crowdfunding and has been the industry leader in the growth of iFunding. William Skelley still leads iFunding by directing the business development of the company. iFunding has financed more than 40 real estate projects with a total property value of over $250 million.

Michael Stoller has also recognized William Skelley’s unique skill-set and leadership in the real estate crowdfunding industry with a guest invite to The Stoller Report, a weekly television show focusing on real estate and business trends for 15 years. The Stoller Report episode will deliberate about the recent commercial real estate evolution and will appear during the Spring of 2016.
William Skelley served as an executive intern to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital. He was a principal at Rose Park Advisors and has also worked at General Electric and Olympus. Skelley has also served as an advisor to several start-ups.

iFunding facilitates debt and preferred equity fundraising for a broad range of properties in the residential and commercial sectors. iFunding leads real estate crowdfunding platforms by providing accredited investors the opportunity for investing in quality real estate deals, with as little as $5,000 minimum investment. iFunding will oversee transactions throughout their lifespan and provides all-encompassing information and pellucidity to give investors oversight into their investments.

Why Exceptional Counts At The Manse On The Marsh

Excellence is what sets the standard for care and attention that the Manse on the Marsh offers, they’ve been praised by many Yelp users for this. They offer exceptional care for each resident on beautiful grounds that are well manicured. The buildings look more like a luxury hotel then assisted living, and the food matches in quality and taste.

Choosing The Manse on the Marsh is a choice for the cut above the rest. The awards they’ve won speak for themselves. Its location is very close to many amenities. This makes walks and participating in extra activities that are available in the community an easy task. Churches are also within a block or two of the campus so partaking of religious activities is also a very doable thing.

If level of care is something that is important (as it should be) there are two top ranked hospitals within a mile of the campus. They have top notch doctors and nurses that can exceed all expectations of care. On the campus there are highly ranked nurses and aides that can meet all medical and care needs.

The staff also includes chefs that are the best at what they do. They prepare meals from a variety of tastes that can be tailored to meet the nutritional needs of the residents. Delicious snacks are also available whenever the munchies or just a craving hits. Staff can also aid residents with preparing their own meals in their living quarters if they so desire.

The staff also includes grounds keepers and janitors that work around the clock to keep everything smart and crisp looking. These individuals can also aid residents with the basic up keep of their rooms and even their pets if they need it. Weekly cleaning of rooms and living quarters can be arranged if it is desired.

Pets are an invaluable part of the lives of the residents. They can help residents live a richer, more meaningful life. Pets can sometimes get to be too much to care for though. When this may happen, staff can help with walks, cleaning litter boxes, and even getting them food and water.

Residents will also find many opportunities to socialize and get out and about. The outdoor bistro offers the opportunity to grab a cold drink and bask in the warm California sun. Whether chatting with other residents, spending time with pets or family members or simply relaxing it is just one thing that the Manse on the Marsh offers their residents.

Indoor activities can include movies, arts and crafts and exercise classes. Get togethers can include picnics, walks, and barbeques in the summer months. Once a week there is a non-denominational religious service for those who wish to participate as well. The Manse on the Marsh offers the best available for every resident in their care.

Visual Search Engines – The Future Of The Internet

Don’t you hate when you are out shopping, see a fabulous piece of furniture or clothing, but they do not have your size, or the price is way more than you were expecting? Or perhaps your best friend has a new purse or pair of shoes that you are dying for but the stores are sold out. Imagine a time when you can simply pull out your phone, snap a picture of the item, and receive results from all over the internet of the exact same item. That time is quickly approaching thanks to advances in visual search engine technology. Soon all you will have to do to find what you are looking for is take a picture of an item or scan a barcode and have results sent to your phone instantly.

Slyce is one of the main frontrunners in this field of technology. They are providing users with a widget that allows consumers to enable visual search within their mobile phones camera view. They have also developed a standalone app that users can download and search that way. Slyce enables consumers to purchase products they encounter in the real world, whether it’s a picture in a magazine, or a whole outfit on a manikin in a store. Slyce’s visual search engine uses 1, 2 and 3 dimensional images. Using a 1 dimensional image such as a barcode or coupon, users will be able to connect directly to the product information. Using a 2 dimensional image such as printed materials or a product tag, users will be able to see the exact match and purchase directly online. Using a 3 dimensional image such as a purse, pair of shoes, or outfit, users will be able to find the exact product and buy online, or find out more information about it. Users will also be able to match photos of things pinned on Pinterest and find the product online.

Grokker, KartOO, Searchme and Viewzi are just a few other top companies developing and releasing visual search engines as well. Many use the same basic technology and are fairly similar in the way they run and provide search results to users. The key is to test out all the top options and decide which works best for you and suits your purposes the best. Get ready to step into the future of the internet with visual search engines, the world may never be the same.

Solo, Success, and Sanjay Shah

Dubai-based Sanjay Shah, founder of the charity Autism Rocks and investment firm Solo Capital, recently shared a few thoughts on successful entrepreneurialship. In an interview with Eric Dye, host of Dubai’s Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio he doled out all manner of useful entrepreneurial advice, information, motivation, and inspiration. He also discussed his own motivation for starting the charity, Autism. He is so proud of his organization which helps fund autism research. He was first motivated to start it after his son was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. He made his fortune by founding the London-based Solo Capital. After starting businesses around the world, Sanjay quickly learned that 1) you need a lot of money in order for a new business to get off the ground and 2) you need to realize you can’t do all the work by yourself.

Sanjay founded Solo Capital Markets in September 2011. The firm specializes in trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. Since its found, Sanjay has remained its CEO. Sanjay definitely knows what he is doing, owning and controlling several other businesses around the world. This has all really paid off for him. He is currently “retired” and is worth about $280 million. Sanjay didn’t expect to end up like this. In early adulthood, he studied medicine with the full intention of becoming a doctor. He soon decided, however, that the medical life wasn’t for him and promptly changed careers.

He became an accountant and worked for three different investment banks. In 2009, he ventured out to start his own brokerage company. This company would become Solo Capital. After his son was diagnosed with autism in 2011, he had a meeting with Snoop Dogg to start a charity for autism research. This was Autism Rocks. The first of its rock concerts was held in 2014 and featured Prince. Even then, Sanjay was not new to charity. He had previously been sponsoring children in India for over a decade.

Keith Mann Looks To Continue The Success Of The Uncommon Schools

The Uncommon Schools charitable program that manages 42 high schools across northeastern states in the U.S. has seen a continued level of support from financial recruitment specialist Keith Mann and his Dynamic Search Partners company. An article from PR Newswire details the latest fund raiser organized by New York based Keith Mann and his colleagues at Dynamic Search Partners; under the leadership of Keith Mann members of the financial industry in New York attended an event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden that raised $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools program.

Keith Mann formed the Dynamic Search Partners in 2001 after spending a number of years working as a recruitment specialist for the financial industry in New York and across the world. Mann has seen his business become one of the most important for the financial industry in the world after linking over 2,000 executives with investment companies over the life of the company.

Mann does not only spend his time concerned with his business, but has also looked to become a major part of the community across New York through his involvement in a series of charitable programs. Keith Mann has been a major supporter of law enforcement in New York having provided meals for officers across the city in a bid to show his appreciation for the work of these individuals.

The Uncommon Schools is dedicated to providing the best possible education for students from low income families who are hoping to achieve a college level education. The $22,000 raised by Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners will be added to a standing donation of $10,000 from the company, which will be used by the Uncommon Schools management team to complete all the needed testing for students looking for educational assistance prior to attending college level classes. Keith Mann has revealed he became a supporter of the Uncommon Schools after touring various institutions managed by the program and being impressed by the drive of the students to attend college and start successful careers in the future.

Why Avi Weisfogel launch the GoFundMe promotion

There are very many young children all over the world who are suffering from severe deformities such as clefts lips, cleft palate, and many others. Most of these kids or young adults who identified with such conditions are not able to get enough medical treatment or surgery because of lack of money. And to some extend some are even ignored and rejected by their parents. You don’t want to imagine the kind of pain such children go through. Thanks to people like Avi Weisfogel who have kind hearts and willing to support such kids in the community.

Mr. Weisfogel is a dentist by profession based in Old Bridge. His passion for helping is not something he adapted, but it’s something in him. He has helped many people to get sufficient dental care services. And his love aids him in choosing operation smile to benefit from his GoFundMe campaign

Avi Weisfogel is so delighted to publicize the inaugurate of a GoFundMe promotion crusade aiming to facilitate Operation Smile, which is an international medical charity association who is devoted to providing freely surgical procedures to such children. Their services are not only available for young kids, but they are also extended to young adults who are suffering from such facial deformities.

Mr. Avi has set up a target of $2000 which he expect through this campaign, and the primary motive of the operation smile is to ensure that every child has hope for a brighter and healthier tomorrow through their unending support. Recently, Mr. Weisfogel spoke in an interview on how operation smile firmly believe every child has the right to excellent surgery care and more importantly they must be treated in the same way you treat your kids.

Finally, In addition to the above, they also want to make sure every child is well prepared mentally and physically that in whatever they go through in life, they must never lose hope. The organization works both hospitals, local medical professionals, government and also many other organizations. They are very much determined to come up with the best and efficient solutions which will be accessible to all children and Mr. Avi chose Operation Smile the benefactor of GoFundMe promotion he is running is because he also wants all children to get medical care and due to his great contribution, many child are now smiling and happy.

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The Advantages of Video Marketing According to Talk Fusion

According to an article on Hello Tesla, Talk Fusion, the eighth largest online video content provider in the world, says that using video in emails is paramount to your business’s success since it can increase your revenue by 40 percent. One of the reasons that your revenue will jump substantially is that your open rate will grow by up to 20 percent while your click-through rate may grow up to 300 percent. That is great news for businesses who often struggle with open rates as low as 20 percent leaving many business owners wondering if it is even worth their time.

Talk Fusion, led by 20 year veteran Bob Reina, says that using videos in your email campaigns is extremely easy.  First, people love to do business with people that they feel like they have a relationship with and using video emails is an easy way to build those relationships. Secondly, people have a very short attention span so using video emails is a great way to keep people engaged with your content. Finally, a picture really is worth a thousands words.

Bob says that one of the reasons that many people are reluctant to use video marketing is that they think it is a very complicated process. According to Bob, nothing could be further from the truth. Talk Fusion provides over 1,000 different ready to use templates that are ready to customize for your business.

It’s Time To Get ‘Handy’ With Spring Cleaning

It is here once again. Spring has come and so has all of the cleaning you realize you need to do. The garage is probably a bit more cluttered than you’d like and the basement is in need of a good clean up.  If you have a large house, this can be quite the undertaking. All of the moving of the furniture, the dusting, wiping, on and on it seems to go. Then you realize there is more to do than you thought at first.

Thankfully, there is a company like Handy. They have quickly become the go to on-demand service for basic services. You need some cleaning done? No sweat. Just set up a date at your convenience and have it done for you at a fair price. The popularity of the service is rising very quickly. As the number of companies has declined, Handy’s business has only been increasing. They have recently stated that they have been generating at least $1 million per week regularly now. They have even started a new service on the site where you can have them shop for, purchase, deliver and assemble for a flat fee starting at $49.

This service alone is well worth the fee. Think of all of the time, effort, driving and stresses you can avoid completely. It is a very good option for people who have little time for their own responsibilities. Handy is looking to make life easier for folks by offering great service on-demand, on your schedule. Spring cleaning can be a nightmare. It can also be a whole lot easier to accomplish with Handy’s services that they offer. Whatever the job is for your spring clean up, it’s very likely that Handy can handle the job for you.

Take a break on the cleaning and let the professionals handle it for you. Get out and spend the spring having fun instead.

Brad Reifler’s Top Tips for New Investors

There are certain people that you need to listen to when they try to teach you something. In the world of investing for profit, Brad Reifler is one of them. Brad Reifler is the creator and CEO of Forefront Capital as well as Forefront Investments and he has been a major player in the industry for decades. His work has largely been focused on helping out the ’99 percent’ of investors in the world, as reported by Reuters. Reifler knows how hard it can be to get into the game of investing when you don’t have stacks of cash at your back and that’s why he came up with the following tips to try and help these people out.

When you need to invest your money you need to do one thing above all, Reifler suggests. His first tip to successful and profitable investing is to be wary what you invest in. You don’t want to get into investing for the sake of having money in the game.

Reifler’s next tip is to create a solid relationship with a manager as you try to put your money out into various investments. Having a relationship with a manager that is built on trust means that you will never be struggling to put faith in their advice. A common piece of advice from quality managers, as Brad Reifler points out, is to consistently diversify as well. Don’t put all of your money in the stock market.

Making money with investments isn’t easy and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. However, following Reifler’s advice can lead to profit sooner than later.  On Wikipedia there’s further information.

Highland Capital Management: Preparing To Scoop Up Argentinian Debt

Bloomberg recently released an article that discussed how Argentina will be allowed to release its debt onto the international bond market. The country’s goal is to raise 12 billion dollars and, according to Bloomberg, Highland Capital Management will be one of the major buyers. Bloomberg got this information directly from Highland Capital’s founder and chief executive officer, James Dondero. Dondero and his firm already manages about 19 billion dollars in assets. A significant portion of this 19 billion dollars is already Argentinian debt that is due in 2033.

Argentina’s goal is to sell enough so that they can pay settlements with Paul Singer and other holdout creditors. Dondero is confident that Argentina will price the debt fairly and he is hoping that it will trade better than other emerging economies. Dondero has the numbers to back up his confidence. They have been seeing returns on their Argentinian bonds of around 20 percent annually. This is major when you compare it to the average 3.3 percent return for other emerging markets.

Highland Capital Management is an investment banking firm that has been around for more than 2 decades. James Dondero sits at the helm and has the goal of leading the company to success in the niche market of collateralized loan obligations. The firm also offers high yield credit, structured products, long and short equity, distressed and special situation, health care, emerging markets and real estate. The company invests both in real estate equity and real estate debt. In the emerging markets division, Highland Capital has many options for investing in Brazil and they are now also looking at opening up a fund in Argentina as another emerging market investment opportunity. In the health care division, Highland Capital offers their investors options in equity, fixed income and loan assets. The long and short equity division has many different strategies available to investors, such as fund with typical net long exposure of 20 to 60 percent. Highland Capital Management also offers their investors the opportunity to invest in distressed or special situations in the healthcare, industrial and media or telecom sectors.

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