California State Parks Are a Popular Travel Destination

There are a total of 116 state parks in California. These have always been a popular place for people to visit while they are in California. However, that will increase a lot on November 25. This is Black Friday, a day that is traditionally known for being the most popular shopping day of the year. However, there will be a serious incentive for people to pay a visit to California state parks instead of going to their local shopping mall. This is a result of free passes being given out for all of the state parks in California. These passes are only good for Black Friday.


This should increase the number of people visiting these parks during the Thanksgiving weekend. Therefore, visitors should expect large crowds in areas that are frequented by tourists. The park service will be increasing patrols because of the larger amount of people that will be in the parks on Friday. The park service has said that they might make giving away free passes on Black Friday an annual tradition if the response is good this year.


The Thanksgiving weekend is typically a busy one at state parks throughout California. This is because of the amount of people visiting from other states. Also, people prefer to visit many of the parks in late November when the temperature is much lower than it is during the summer. Visitors are advised to get to the parks early in order to take advantage of the most convenient parking areas.




Awards Recognition For Maggie Gill’s Healthcare Heroes

Maggie Gill has seen her career as the President and CEO of the Savannah, Georgia based healthcare system, Memorial Health flourish in recent times as her team of medical professionals won a number of 2016 Healthcare heroes Awards. A changing healthcare environment in the U.S. poses the CEO with a new set of challenges she is facing with a new plan, known as the “Pathway To Excellence” strategy that is designed to push forward the healthcare provider over the course of 2017; the idea behind the new strategy comes as Gill is looking to lead Memorial into the future as a stand alone healthcare provider as opposed to seeking a partnership with others.

Memorial Health had already reached high levels of success as the university based medical group had achieved a series of improvements since Maggie Gill was appointed to the dual positions of CEO and President and CEO in 2011. Maggie Gill saw her impressive work pay off with seven awards at the Georgia Medical Society’s annual Healthcare Heroes Awards in 2016 where the group saw individual and group awards given to Memorial Health.

Despite the success Maggie Gill and Memorial Health achieved at the Healthcare Heroes Awards ceremony the CEO has looked to approach the challenges faced in the healthcare industry with a plan designed along with Premier Inc. The use of strategic planning with Premier shows how Maggie Gill looks to partner with the best improvement companies in the U.S. to ensure a successful future for the company. Maggie Gill believes the restructuring of Memorial Health will see the group be positioned in a better place to cope with the changing market demands provided by the Affordable Care Act and other evolving areas of the medical industry. Continuing the 15 year association Memorial Health has with North Carolina based Premier Inc. is seen as evidence of the continued improvements Maggie Gill is hoping to make for the patients and staff of the healthcare provider.

The Top Places You Must Visit in Southern California

Deciding where to go on a trip to the western United States is not difficult, and as you likely know, most people choose California.


California has a huge coastline on the Pacific ocean, and there’re so many things to see and do there. But where in California should you go? Most people opt for Southern California with good reason. In fact, there are many top things that you absolutely must experience in Southern California, and here they are.


Kayaking and exploring in Channel Islands National Park


There are a chain of five islands that are off the coast of the community of Santa Barbara, and these are called the Channel Islands. Together, they make up Channel Islands National Park, and it’s so easy to snorkel, kayak or swim around these islands. They are beautiful and have many opportunities to witness marine life.


Jet skiing.


Jet skiing is one of the most popular activities on the ocean in Southern California. Even if you’re a novice to this sport, you can take a quick class and be out on the ocean in no time. Many rental locations offer jet ski rentals by the hour, or they can take you out on special tours to several of the most beautiful places for this activity. These include Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar and Emerald Bay.




Again, even if you’ve never been surfing before, it couldn’t be easier in Southern California where there are many teachers and classes that you can take to get out on the waves.


Keith Mann Gives Insight Into Dynamics Search Partners

Keith Mann has over 10 years of experience working in the executive search industry. Mann specialize in hedge fund compensation, along with hiring and staffing strategies. Mann previously worked as the Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search. Keith Mann helped recruit for global financial services firms. Mann helped recruit for a global financial services firms. Mann launched the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search after realizing that the hedge fund industry was a growing market with a lot of potential that was being underutilized by the search community. Mann then become involved into the private equity industry. Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps alternative investment firms. As Chief Executive Officer, Mann oversees the daily management of the firm. Mann helps clients in investments, marketing, and international strategy for their teams. Mann also helps them build new platforms. Dynamics Search Partners works with firms across the alternative investment industry in Europe, Asia, and The United States.

Mann says that the name Dynamics Search Partners is based off the previous firm, Dynamics Associates. Mann says that a typical day involves a lot of meetings, calls, and emails. The key to managing everything is just staying focused. Mann says that exercise really helps him. Mann wants to find needs and fill them. It’s about waiting for ideas that can improve the current system. Diversity is important to Mann, but the focus should always be on finding the best qualified candidate for every position.

Mann lists his worst job as being a trading assistant for a large bank on a foreign exchange desk. Mann believes that all entrepreneurs should ask for help and never assume that they are always correct. Mann credits the growth of Dynamics Search Partners to incorporating technology into everything. There is an online portal for both candidates and clients. Using creative technology has been a great benefit to Dynamic Search Partners. Mann does not like to dwell on failures, and wants to move forward. Mann is a fan of Google and LinkedIn. He cites Michael Bloomberg as one of his influences.

Bob Reina’s Company Talk Fusion Now Offers Free Trials

Talk Fusion is a multilevel marketing company that’s developed proprietary software for sending video emails, newsletters, conferencing, live chat and signup forms. They also developed a WebRTC recorder. Talk Fusion has helped many businesses form closer relationships with their customers through this software and has put together a business model that has performed very well overi the years. Now Talk Fusion is offering free trials for their software, another step in that CEO Bob Reina is taking to promote the brand bring more customers in. This free trial program is being launched in over 140 countries and has full access to all Talk Fusion programs for 30 days. No credit card is needed, just an email address to signup for Talk Fusion’s programs.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion some years ago when he decided to change his career. He had been a police officer in a Tampa, FL suburb community and while he loved serving and protecting people, he got tired of having to leave his family often and putting in long hours. He went into direct selling experimenting with a few different brands at first, but then while on vacation he got the idea for Talk Fusion when he wanted to send videos as emails. Converting videos into a file that could be emailed was something most email providers were saying could not be done, but Reina and a friend of his found a way to do it. Reina decided to run with this new development and launch Talk Fusion so he could sell the product to businesses who might find it interesting.

Talk Fusion became more than just a business. As a multilevel marketing company, others can resell Talk Fusion’s products and earn commission from doing so as Talk Fusion associates. Talk Fusion associates not only earn money from sales, they can also earn rewards when they refer others to the program and meet certain monthly sales quota. Talk Fusion also gives back to the community such as sponsoring humane societies, local youth sports organizations, and other non-profits.

John Goullet Expertise Has Built Him a Strong Reputation In The Market

Today, John Goullet has become a very successful entrepreneur who has not only made a big name for himself in the industry, but he is still expanding on his skills and business to this day. It wasn’t too long ago that John merged his company, Info Technologies, with the company, Diversant Inc, which he was then appointed as principal director for. John Started up Info Technologies back in 1994, and it had done excellent for itself, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the United States at one point as well. With Diversant’s new leader, they will provide some of the best IT staffing and solutions available on the market today.

John was long in the business for IT, which is pretty much where he got his start. Once he realized he had more to offer than just being a employee, he decided to follow his ideas for entrepreneurship, which is what brought about Info Technologies. It didn’t take the company but a few years to amass a wealth of $30 million, supplying many Fortune 500 companies and growing rapidly at the time. The merging of his company and Gene’s Diversant Inc was a strategic move in order to inspire new growth and become one of the leading IT solutions companies in the industry.

When finding his new position at Diversant, one of the first concerns for John was to carefully get his footing and analyze the industry at the time. This was so he could strategize and develop new innovations for providing IT solutions to their customers and help Diversant overcome the competition, which is why Diversant provides some of the leading It staffing services today. Thanks to the merging of Info Technologies and Diversant, John Goullet is on a successful path and continues to expand the company to this day.

Getting to Visit the Kabbalah Center

Growing in your spiritual religion can sometimes be difficult on your own and this is why a lot of people are beginning to realize that go into a facility that helps to teach them different religious options can be very beneficial to them. One of these facilities is known as the Kabbalah Centre and it has been around for a long time now and is one of the top Kabbalah religious options that happens to be in the country. This is why you will find a variety of different people making use of the Kabbalah Centre with great success and it is something that you might want to consider yourself if you have been trying to grow spiritually with no luck.


The Kabbalah Centre is well known for its teachings and it is nice to know that you are learning from a professional team who truly makes the Kabbalah their everyday life. The Kabbalah is a Jewish practice that many people are beginning to utilize because of the fact that it teaches peace and Harmony in your everyday life. This is a great option for people who are struggling spiritually and want to be able to grow in a teaching that they can fully trust and know that they are doing something that is religious beneficial to them and their loved ones. You can even visit the Kabbalah Centre with your family by your side if this is something that interests you and it’s something that you would like to do for your own benefit as well as their benefit, too.


You can find out more about the Kabbalah Centre by visiting the website and by checking the calendar of events to see what types of things are coming in the future. You can even visit the Kabbalah Center if you are not a current member and just would like to know more about what they are able to teach you and anything else that is beneficial to you and your loved ones. This is a great facility centre for you to utilize each and every day in order to grow spiritually and become more solid in your religion.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings provides access to capital for businesses and high net worth individuals. This innovative firm helps people and companies flourish. The type of lending done by Equities First is non-traditional. Rather than a typical loan, Equities First Holdings provides securities-based loans.

Securities-based lending uses securities as collateral. Using securities in this way has become a trend in recent years. For the very rich, this can be an easy way to acquire money for luxury purchases, or business-related expenses. Stock-based loans have a number of benefits. For one thing, they are very low-interest.

There are few restrictions with this type of lending. These loans cannot be used to buy shares, or to repay a margin loan. Otherwise, they can be used for anything. Because of this, these loans are known as non-purpose loans. This lack of restrictions is very attractive to potential borrowers. This is especially true since the wave of new lending requirements that arrived in the wake of the 2008 recession. Securities-based lending has become very popular since 2011, in particular.

Al Christy is the president of Equity First Holdings. He takes a great deal of pride in helping people quickly access the cash they need to achieve their dreams. Security-backed loans can be a win for both parties in the transaction. By using securities as collateral, rather than cashing them in, the security holder avoids paying taxes on their sale. Interest on these loans is typically quite low. So while the lender profits, there is little downside for the borrower.

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings has been growing rapidly. The company has expanded at rates of as much as 30% annually since its founding. This is a privately-held firm. It has a global reach, with offices in far-flung locations including Australia, Hong Kong, the United States.

OSI Group buys Chicago Tyson plant, saves 250 jobs

Last year, as the rest of the country celebrated Thanksgiving, the employees at Chicago’s Tyson foods plant worried about finding new work when the plant announced it would close the following year. Things looked bleak for its nearly 480 workers at the facility located in the city’s Back of the Yards neighborhood. As the months to closure passed, it streamlined its production staff, letting go about 230 employees before its final production day on June 2, 2016, reported The Chicago Tribune.

Then, just as production halted, Chicago’s hero arrived dressed as the Aurora, IL firm OSI Group. OSI Group, currently ranked 58th on Forbes’ list of America’s largest companies, decided to grow a little more. Although its August acquisition of the Dutch Baho Foods made larger financial news, its June acquisition of the Ashland Avenue facility meant more as an American company. Rather than simply acquire the building, OSI Group extended offers of employment to most of the remaining Tyson employees – about 250 people.

The privately held company, OSI Group, is a holding company of meat processors founded in 1909 that generated $6.1 billion in revenue in 2015. It makes a variety of food products for retail brands and the food service industry. For instance, its Baho acquisition broadened its presence and capabilities in Europe. Its products include bacon, pizza, fish, meat patties, breakfast sausages, poultry and vegetable products.

Its current operation includes more than 60 facilities in 16 countries employing more than 20,000 people. Acquiring Baho added processing plants in Germany and The Netherlands. As diverse as it has become the company that still calls Illinois its home state hasn’t forgotten its roots.

According to The Chicago Tribune, OSI Group purchased the Chicago facility for $7.4 million. But the purchase had priceless repercussions. The Aurora company noted on its website the close proximity of the 200,000-square-foot facility to its other Chicago buildings. The firm stated the acquisition would “provide the infrastructure to support continued business growth.”

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While Tyson had cited its inability to meet customer needs at the Chicago location, the opposite proved true for OSI Group.

“This facility enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers,” Kevin Scott, senior executive vice president for OSI North America, told The Tribune. “We are excited to have this facility as part of the broader OSI manufacturing network.”

To about 250 Chicago families, OSI Group also provided job security and a happier holiday season this year.

“Todd Lubar – The Perpetual Entrepreneur”

Todd Lubar is what you could call an “eternal” executive. He has been a part of making various companies successful after joining them.

After attending Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC and graduating from The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ, he then studied at Syracuse University and garnered a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Todd Lubar got his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and later transferred to The Legacy Financial Group and assisted the Maryland branch of this company to increase their profit to 100 million dollars annually in volume.

He moved on again, accepting a job as Vice President with a division of First Magnus Financial Corp. Lubar stayed within the realm of money mortgages as the industry changed around him.

With years of experience, Todd Legendary Financial LLC, this was put in place to provide people in need, as in individuals who would be tuned down for a loan by traditional loan companies.

Mr. Lubar, invested his own funds in Legendary Financial LLC, to make sure neglected individuals as well as commercial borrowers could have a chance, too.

Although he had a busy schedule working in finance, he had other interest, too.

He enjoyed owning and operating a demolition company, a nightclub business, a recycling enterprise as well as participating in real estate development. He was lauded as one of the top 25 mortgage masterminds, which is a big accomplishment in such a competitive field.

These days, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Ventures and he lives in Maryland with his two lovely children. His two favorite activities are having fun with his kids and traveling the country.