Risky Travel Choices and Insurance Coverage

It is a well-known fact that many insurance companies refuse to offer coverage to home and business owners and renters who choose to live in areas that frequently experience horrible weather and geologic conditions, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Those insurers that do offer coverage typically provide it at incredibly high premium rates.


NASA’s recent travel warning  related to Pacific Ocean Typhoon Songda and the subsequent downgraded storm that battered the West Coast this Saturday has brought up another question regarding insurance: Should people who knowingly choose to travel during severe weather and geologic events be allowed to submit claims to their insurance companies? Insurance companies expect people to do everything in their power to prevent an accident. If that were not the case, companies would not investigate the events that happened before an accident. When enough insured persons do things that help accidents along, such as drive to a fast food restaurant in the middle of a major storm when there is plenty of food in their home or drive into a known advisory area, companies often raise rates for everyone. Some people have begun to wonder if the best way to prevent rate increases would be a rule that requires all companies to drop those who make these types of critical errors in judgement.


Research into the psychology related to weather warnings though suggests that some people should not be held accountable for their decisions. Many people do not trust weather predictions because of past false alarms.


Breweries on San Diego’s Hops Highway

What could be more fun for a beer lover than to be able to sample the offerings of award-winning breweries? The perfect answer is on the Hops Highway in the northern end of what locals call the North County between Oceanside and Escondido, home to over 120 microbreweries.


Here are just a few of the unique breweries, some of which are also brew pubs and serve excellent food.


Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern and Grill


Opened recently in Vista, there is a mesmerizing strip of “fire”, which is actually LED lights and steam. Unusual is Peanut Butter Milk Stout with the taste of peanuts and chocolate or Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout with pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon!


Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey


These are twin siblings in San Marcos with Belgian Lost Abbey and the West Coast-centric Port Brewing. This fun party atmosphere place has walls covered with ornamentation and art that evokes the feel of a Belgian abbey. Judgment Day is a malty and strong dark ale, 10 Commandments is a farmhouse-style dark brew, and Red Barn Ale has ginger and orange peel.


Mason Ale Works


In Oceanside, this is the in-house brewery of Whiskey Bank and Urge Gastropub. The large selection of craft beers, wine, cocktails, and whiskeys is in a festive and upbeat rustic room. Food includes blue cheese sliders and a short rib burger. The Imperial Coffee Stout tastes like strong java. The Gose Be Trippin’ has mango, and the Mahalo Nui Loa has Hawaiian pineapple juice.

Bring the Light of God into your Being Through Kabbalah

Kabbalah has its origin in oral and written traditions dating back thousands of years. The teachings consist of Zohar and Kabbalah. They include the five books of Moses, spiritual passages and metaphysical teachings. In the beginning they were taught by one Rabbi to one student. This was expanded to include larger groups of students. In the twentieth century the notion of spreading Kabbalah to larger and larger audiences came into being. The leaders were Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein. In 1965 they founded the Kabbalah Centre known as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah.

With the passing RavBrandwein, Rav Philip Berg and his wife Karen began to expand the teachings of Kabbalah to a worldwide audience. After Rav Berg’s death wife Karen and son Michael spread the knowledge of Kabbalah Centre to more than fifty countries. The Kabbalah was translated in most major languages.

A Kabbalah Centre has three main goals: Learn, Transform and Connect. These include online classes, reading articles, sharing knowledge through mentoring, lectures, meditation and charitable activities. The centre is a Spiritual Community with members sharing meals and activities.

The foundation of Kabbalah is the concept that each one of us has a clear channel to God referred to as Light. We learn to bring more Light into our being through charitable works and volunteer activities. The more we do this the more of God’s Light we receive.

There is an energy that blocks our transformation called Klippot. This occurs through acts of violence or negative behavior. Of the Ten Commandments, all but two refer to these negative acts.

Unfortunately, while we may not commit outright negative acts, much of our life is ego driven. When we look at our life cycle we spend time on career, marriage, children, acquiring property, saving for retirement, retirement and death. This is why the study of Kabbalah is so critical to our well- being. It brings a balance to our lives and shows us the way to the Light of God through charitable works and service to others.

Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics’ Work on Improving People

In an article by Rachel Nielsentitled “Seattle Genetics’ ambitious plan for 12 more drugs, 100 more employees,” she writes about how Seattle Genetics is a formulating a treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma. The drug that is used to treat the lymphoma is called Adcetris, and it has already amassed 226 million dollars in sales in 2015, while being available to Canadian and American consumers. This year, it is expected to reach sales of up to 275 million dollars. The company is also researching and new drug that they call 33A, and it is expected to go into Phase 3 of its clinical trials this year. That drug will go onto treat myeloid leukemia. Along with those drugs, Seattle Genetics also is in the process of producing a drug that will help to treat breast cancer, and two other drugs for bladder cancer. The co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, had this to say about the development of the drugs, “We’re going to put out this year a substantial amount of data.”

Seattle Genetics is also in the plans of hiring 100 new employees to its payroll, as it already has over 800 employees. Siegall says that Seattle Genetics’ offices have room for another 350 employees.

Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics back in 1998, and he is the current president for the company. He also has the roles of chief executive officer and chairman. He was trained as a scientist from The George Washington University, where he received his Ph.D. in Genetics.

Aside from his work at Seattle Genetics, he is also the director on the board of directors for Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. In 2012, Clay Siegall was award the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young, and he also received an award from the University of Maryland called “Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences.”

Goettl Air Conditioning Is The Real Deal

When it comes to air conditioning in the Tuscon, Phoenix, and Las Vegas areas, the answer is truly quite simple: Goettl Air Conditioning. They are run by not a good man but a great man in Ken Goodrich. He has helped the company stay profitable, helpful to the people, and running smoothly here in 2016 and for the future. One must remember the great legacy of this company which dates all the way back to 1939! That is filled with a lot of hard-working men that have made the place what it is today and Ken Goodrich is adding to that also while also running The Sunny Plumber and taking care of his 16 year old son, Duncan.

When looking at Goettl Air Conditioning, it is truly wonderful what they provide for their customers. One of the things that really stands out is the fact that they help maintain the air conditioner. With a lot of people, they oftentimes don’t think about this, but Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning make sure they are aware of it, know about it and are up to date on it. When living in those areas, the heat without AC is something no one should have to experience. That is why it is important to see how it is running and how much longer it will run for.

It might just need a few simple repairs and it has a long shelf life ahead of itself. That happens in many instances. Sometimes a thing or two on the AC is just not working or up to its usual standard and with some kinks here and there, it is good as new. In some cases, the machine has simply run out of time and it is time for a replacement. They take care of that as well. No matter what the AC is going to put on a customer’s plate, they will handle it.

In addition to that, Goettl Air Conditioning recently helped out a widowed man in his seventies that was suffering from the heat because of plumbing and AC issues. Because he lived on a low-income, he had some rough days and saw nowhere to turn. Ken Goodrich, however, has his ear to the ground, heard about it, and stepped up along with his son, his other company, The Sunny Plumber, and they did $8,000 dollars worth of work for this man and he is forever grateful.

Connect with Goettl:


Get Your Business On Wikipedia

It’s no secret that many people use Wikipedia on a daily basis. It’s become a reliable and reputable source that many people turn to for great sources. Many people will turn to Wikipedia for reference on what topics they need to study, but for information on any subject as well. This trend has left many people going to Wikipedia to get information about businesses, as well. This means if your business isn’t on Wikipedia, you could be losing out on potential customers.

Writing a Wikipedia page can seem complex, and getting a Wikipedia page approved can be tricky. Luckily, there are professionals that are available to help you with getting your business a professional Wikipedia page that you can trust.

What does having a Wikipedia page mean for your business? Good question. Here are some answers:

• Your customers will be able to see your business is reliable and reputable. Because you can only create a business page if you are “notable”, customers will instantly know you are trustworthy.

• You will be able to link reliable sources to your business and improve your pages search rankings.

• You will be able to gain a reputation as being a solid, and reliable business.

Hiring a Wikipedia writer

There are many benefits to hiring a Wikipedia writer. Here are just a few:

•You’ll be able to get your page approved by Wikipedia’s tough editing standards. Getting a page on Wikipedia is tough, having Wikipedia editors and writers can help.

• You won’t have to stress out about writing the content for your business. The writer may ask you some information about your business, but they should be able to do most of the hard work themselves.

• You will be able to focus on your work and not stress out about learning the formatting of writing a Wikipedia page, as well as all the guidelines that come with learning how to create a Wikipedia page. There are many reputable writers and companies that work to get trusted businesses a Wikipedia page. One such business is Get Your Wiki.

• The Wikipedia experts at Get Your Wiki are quite affordable and are very willing to work within your budget.


There are many benefits to having a Wikipedia page and hiring an author to get your Wikipedia page set. If you are looking for a professional writer to write your Wikipedia page, trust the experts at Get Your Wiki- you’ll be glad that you did.

The Midas Legacy Offers Happiness and A True Life

Many people talk about wanting to live an authentic and real life not just for a few days or a week, but every day. They are tired of doing things that do not bring them any joy. When they were young, they had dreams, hopes, and aspirations. However, somewhere along the way, they lost that and they are now finding it hard to get back. They are in too deep and it appears there is no chance of getting out of it. However, as they say when it comes to life, it is never too late to do anything. That is the concept of The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory.

There is nothing that anyone can do to change the past. As they say, again, the past is in in the past. All that anyone can do is focus on the present and the future. That is what The Midas Legacy is all about and that is what they are built on and pride themselves on. They can provide a happier future and a brighter one. They have experts that specialize in this sort of thing and know how to do it the right way.

One of the things about The Midas Legacy that a lot of their clients like is they do more then just wealth. They are truly interested in the client. They go out of their way to get to know the person. In their mind, the more they know about the person, the more they can help and come up with better solutions. It can be hard to help people if someone does not know what they want or does not know what they are all about and what they stand for as an individual. That is exactly what they are: an individual.

For example, perhaps someone has been working a decade in retail and they are so tired of it. Too many customers have screamed in their face and given them a hard time. They have had enough of it and they do not want to deal with it anymore. However, of course, they need a fall back plan. That fall back plan might be running their own business from home. They are not sure how to get started, how to get employees, and how to get it off the ground. That is where The Midas Legacy steps in and helps.

Get advice from the company about how to manage your wealth or get business tips from them by clicking on this link >> http://themidaslegacy.com/experts/

Tips of Finding Success with Josh Verne

Recently, Josh Verne talked about how you can get out of your way so that you can succeed in life. Josh Verne has been in the entrepreneurship industry for over 20 years. Therefore, he has a wealth of experience that anyone looking forward to succeeding should listen to. In these 20 years, Josh has been starting, developing small business and ultimately selling them for profit. As of now, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Flocku.com. Josh Verne favorite quote is one by Johnathan Swift that says “Vision is the ability to see what other people cannot see.” Josh Verne had a lot to share but ultimately settled on a few points that are discussed below.

Josh Verne describes that there are two kinds of people when it comes to management, there are the leaders, and at the same time, there are bosses. Between the two, Josh Verne believes that an individual should be a leader instead of being a boss. Josh Verne went ahead and defined what these two kinds of people stand for. A boss believes in using his/her title in accomplishing the goals they have set. They intimidate people and always ensure that their interests are met. However, on the other hand, a leader is a person who respects the choices of other people and a person who is always looking for a win-win situation. Everyone involved wins. Josh advises people willing to succeed to always serve other people, and they will effortlessly accomplish their goals.

Another good advice for those wishing to succeed is always to ensure that there is a win-win situation for everyone. There is no point to agreeing to a deal that will favor one side. Instead settle for those deals that will benefit your company, employees and even the customers that you are serving. This goes a long way in ensuring that you get the best solution for your problems. Josh also advises people hungry for success to learn to listen more and speak less. He compares this as the reason people were created with two ears and one mouth. The power behind speaking fewer words is that it gives your words more power. When you speak more, people become used to you. Finally, the finale advice by Josh is to have a balance for your life if you wish to succeed. Ensure that if you have wealth, it comes in all proportions from health, and even family life. Don’t focus on one area of your life. Also, Josh advises anyone willing to be successful to find that thing they are passionate about and pursue it until it pays off.

Josh has also been involved in other ventures in the past such as Workpays. Me where he was the co-founder. He has since then held the position of the Chief Executive Officer. Josh was the president of Homeline Furniture for 16 years from 1995 to 2011.

Jim Hunt Offers Invaluable Entrepreneurial Skills Through VTA Publications


Jim Hunt is a professional financial advisor with a proven track record of high performance. With extensive experience in the stock market, Jim is well-positioned to oversee the operations of VTA Publications. As the chief executive officer of VTA Publications, Jim is seasoned in creating secure and intelligent contracts in the huge stock market. In addition to his YouTube account, a platform in which Jim shares his recent investment escapades, Jim explains his ability to predict future market trends for small and medium size investors. He commits to developing innovative ideas for young entrepreneurs.


 In his recent interview, Jim explains the root of VTA as having developed from his recent exposure to banking systems. In return, Jim advanced investment ideas helps in making young people achieve financial freedom. A typical day for Jim Hunt begins with a focus on marketing ideas for business development. Jim focuses on stock systems for trading subscribers. Jim starts his day with a workout to keep fit and healthy for the rest of the day. He takes a light lunch to avoid falling asleep in the afternoon. Jim maintains a balance between life and family by ensuring his presence at home during the dinner.

When asked how he brings ideas to life, Jim said that he develops useful ideas through listening to client demand. Afterward, he develops functional structures and strategies for problem solutions. Jim conducts extensive research on all customer needs before advising the way forward. According to Jim Hunt, the changes generating from the biotech world are incredible because, in two decades, these changes will provide medical solutions. Jim sets strict achievable goals while splitting them into units daily. The set objectives must be achievable through his team.


About VTA Publications


VTA is a nonfiction publisher of online learning units including event-organizing catering for particular genres. VTA was launched in 2012 and has over 100 thousand clients across the world committed to providing information, communication and products services. The mission of the company is to provide cutting-edge digital and physical information services. VTA outsources the best experts across the world to meet customer needs.   With their input, learn about how you can even make your mom into a millionaire.

True or Not True: Marion Cotillard is the Reason Behind the Divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

There was a time, not so very long ago when Wikipedia.org was structured into the world’s largest encyclopedia. Of course, the internet (then called the World Wide Web) was new to most users, and as an “unknown” source Wikipedia was considered to be “unreliable”. This comment was used by teachers and professors in schools as a warning not to use this encyclopedia as a source of fact for the content of any paper or written article.

The reasoning for Wikipedia’s unreliability is that anyone can edit anything, negative or positive, for any reason on Wikipedia. That statement still holds true, however, it is not really a bad thing as time moves on. If one-hundred experts in a certain field of study add content to Wikipedia in their field of study, that has more potential to be true than if ten experts contributed textbook content for the classroom.

So, for argument’s sake, let’s say you submit unsubstantiated information to a Wiki page of content, it slips through the Wiki experts and is published on the internet. That would only happen if no one read your comments. That would indicate that your words have no meaning, and the whole point of a Wikipedia topic is to be read and noticed. The fact is that the Wikipedia Foundation is very particular about the comments that “anyone” may contribute. There is a standard expected of Wikipedia editors and writers, and the Foundation has the power to flag, or completely remove a site if it proves to be untrue, or intentionally malicious lies. Even unintentional mistakes will not be considered as fact unless more than one individual claim them to be true.

All contributions to Wikipedia content must be backed up with at least one other article or website link that confirms the content is true. No one can post information on Wikipedia in a random attempt to destroy a product, company, or person without supporting the comments through another source. One of the best ways to be certain your Wikipedia content is validated by the experts is to hire a Wikipedia writer to make up the content. This is referred to as “Get Your Wiki”.

That brings us to an example of how “damaging” content can, and does, appear on Wikipedia. A most recent case is the Wikipedia page of an up-and-coming French Actress with the name Marion Cotillard. Apparently, Ms. Cotillard recently co-starred in a film with Brad Pitt; that film to be released in November 2016. The relationship between Ms. Cotillard and Mr. Pitt has become bigger news than the film itself. Coincidentally, the timing of the movie’s release fits in with the news of the break-up and divorce of Mr. Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

True or not, Ms. Cottillard’s Wikipedia page about herself and her career has been had two Wikipedia revisions done on her page which have accused the award-winning actress of being the cause for the famous divorce of “Brangelina”. The first edit listed her Occupation being changed to “reason why the power couple broke up.” The second edit indicated her job title to be: “singer, actress, cheater”. How long will these comments continue to be included in Ms. Cottilard’s Wikipedia page? Obviously, until she or Mr. Pitt deny or confirm the truth. It might not be a bad thing for an actress to be linked in some way to Brad Pitt. True or not. And after years of suspicion and whispers of both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie linked to infidelity news, maybe this is finally the end for them. True or not.