Palm Springs Undergoes Revitalization

For those who adore going to Palm Springs as a vacation destination, there are even more exciting plans in the works these days. A Forever Marilyn statue will be gracing the city now, as well as the Aluminaire House. With plans to rid itself of a shopping mall that no one visits anymore, it would appear that the city is serious about appealing to a more hip generation. However, the residents have been less than thrilled about some of the recent changes done to entice travelers. For instance, some believe that the Rowan hotel is blocking some of the beautiful mountain views for which the city is so well-known.

Furthermore, those who haven’t been to Palm Springs for a long time may not even recognize the city when they arrive! With chain hotels popping up to accommodate the crowds that usually stay at Airbnb listings or independent motels, the landscape in this beloved desert city is becoming different.

Once known as a haven for movie stars such as Frank Sinatra and Marlene Dietrich, the sensational spot boasts an old-school type of glamour that residents would like to preserve. As Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf chain stores pop up, travelers can enjoy the conveniences of home while also enjoying the natural wonders that Palm Springs possesses. These days, they can also take a ride-share vehicle like Uber from the airport, making trips to Palm Springs more accessible than ever!