Planning Your Trip to Disneyworld in California

Taking a trip to Disney in California is a fantastic opportunity to check out the venues and rides specific to this particular theme park. Unfortunately, making the trip can be confusing and expensive if you’ve never been there before. As a general rule, you’re better off planning for the trip months in advance before actually going on vacation. You’ll get better airfare and hotel rates if you book everything at least three or four months in advance to the trip. Use hotel and flight comparison sites to find the best deals available to you.

Because Disney is such a large theme park with adjoining amenities throughout the area, you’ll need to have a set plan for which park you’ll be visiting on which day. If you’re traveling to California for a week, you should have more than enough time to catch all the sights. However, if you’re only going for a long weekend, you need to establish a goal for which parks you’d like to see and which ones you’d rather forgo. This allows you to experience the full fun of a specific park without feeling confused or overly rushed.

If you’ll be in the area for months, you might want to consider getting a season pass to Disney and Universal. These season passes give you full access to the park every day of the season without requiring you to spend money each day to take advantage of rides. Even though season passes can be quite an expense for you and your family, the price you pay will actually save you money if you make good use of it. There are lots of apps and sites that offer additional discounts to people looking to visit Western Disney and would like to save money on their entire trip while they’re there.