Plushies from Lime Crime Helps Make Your Natural Look Beautiful

Lime Crime is a company that has been delivering bright and bold makeup products for nearly 10 years. That’s because the founder, Doe Deere, realized that there was a lack of bright colors at drug stores and online. She is someone who treats makeup as an art form and she wanted all people to have access to the colors that they desire. That’s why she came up with a line that features lipstick colors not found in nature, hair colors that are as magical as unicorns, and all the glitter you can imagine.

Lime Crime is now doing things a little bit differently. They’re releasing a more subtle product compared to the bright and bold colors that people are used to. January marked the launch of “Plushes” which Lime Crime says is the new generation of nude lips. Instead of the blues and yellows that Lime Crime is famous for, Plushies comes in hues of red, brown, and pink. Plushies compliment a softer and more natural look. Lime Crime says they’re used to help enhance a nude lip.

That isn’t to say that Lime Crime is shying away from the bright colors. Instead, they are giving people more option! When people are at work or other business settings, they sometimes like to have a lip that is a little bit tamer. That’s where Plushies comes in. It still makes the wearer feel beautiful in magical, just in a more subtle way. Plushies also pair well with a bright-colored eyeshadow. Plushies are the perfect way for people to switch up their look depending on what day it is.

Like other products, Plushies leaves lips feeling soft and hydrated. It only needs to be applied once and it stays put for the whole day. If people want a more intense look, they can apply multiple coats. It’s completely up to the person wearing the product! Plushies is also infused with a blackberry candy scent. The Plushies line, like all others, is still vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They’re the perfect look for anyone who wants to add a little pizzazz to their natural features.