President Trump and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

The co-creators of FrontPage recently spoke out about a recent pardon by Donald Trump for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are very familiar with this person. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Ten years earlier they were raided by this same sheriff’s orders. On the surface the whole story appeared to be one thing, but it seemed it was far deeper than anyone else had imagined.

Back then Michael Lacey was working as the executive editor at a newspaper called the Village Voice where Jim Larkin was the acting CEO. Both were accused of revealing information pertinent to a grand jury case.

It seemed that Sheriff Arpaio had his investigative gun aimed at the two who had been speaking of him and his department for some time. The vendetta was nothing new. Apparently the Sheriff had a few issues which he did not want exposed.

Front Page covered a story about the whole decade of drama which Lacey and Larkin had experienced with Arpaio’s department. It seemed that the Sheriff had a history of bad behavior while he was in office which allowed for some serious accusations against him. Read more: and

Those accusations were piling up faster than he was able to manage. It looked like his department had been accused of cuffing mother’s who were in labor to their needs while incarcerated. That was one accusation alleged against him during his reign of alleged abuse.

Then there were the accusations of racial issues against minorities, which President Trump has himself been guilty of as most people have publicly seen in his speeches. It seemed he was pursuing a vendetta of sorts for many people. Lacey & Larkin were two of the people the sheriff had trouble eliminating.

A civil case against the sheriff resulted in a settlement back in 2017. Larkin and Lacey presumed it was all handled. The settlement funded a campaign which the two newspapermen set up to help those who needed legal help when things like this went down.

Back in November it looked like karma had finally caught up with the Sheriff when he was not re-elected into office and he ended up being charged himself with contempt charges from the original civil case. He was completely above the law in his eyes and the judge did not agree.

Then came the snub from President Trump. That’s right, he was pardoned. Trump was not a fan of the karma which had fallen on his buddy, the former sheriff there and now Arpaio was able to get away with his crimes.

This snub is not one which will be taken lightly by the pair. Only the future can show what will be the end result of this pardon.