Rain in the California Desert Attracts Botanic Tourists

Climate change is often discussed in terms of its potentially negative effects; however, increased rainfall in the California desert is attracting tourists thanks to the magnificent super bloom of wildflowers.


Rainfall is not something that happens often in the California desert, which is particularly prone to extended drought periods. The current winter, however, has dumped plenty of rain and even snow across many parts of the Golden State. In the deserts of Antelope Valley as well as in the inhospitable Death Valley, the right combination of rain and certain temperatures creates a super bloom effect, whereby large portions of desert sands become carpeted with striking wildflowers, which are a sight to behold.


The current conditions in the California desert are prompting visitors to rush to the Anza Borrego State Park, located 85 miles away from San Diego. At this pristine nature attraction, tourists will be able to enjoy the gorgeous vistas of acres upon acres of wildflowers growing where vegetation rarely grows.


In Borrego Springs, the small town closest to the aforementioned park, restaurants and cafes have run out of meals to serve tourists from across California and even from abroad. There has been a certain sense of urgency among visitors since they know that this unique display will only last until May.


Aside from the breathtaking sight of wildflowers, many tourists come with the intention of taking photographic portraits against the amazing background. Residents from Borrego Springs have noticed that most tourists are very careful when they walk out to the sands; most of them only cut a flower or two.


Another interesting aspect of the super bloom is that it also increases the wildlife count at the park. The wildflowers attract moths, which in turn attract migratory hawks. Most visitors are from the San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, although quite a few have arrived from China, Hong Kong and Singapore.


With all the attention that the super bloom has received, the townspeople of Borrego Springs are surprised to be living in one of the most popular tourism destination on the West Coast, a situation that is expected to continue well into spring.