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If you travel bucket list doesn’t include Oregon’s Crater Lake, it should. It might be wise not to wait too long due to changes that appear to be occurring being carefully observed by scientific scholars and analysts as well as speculation generated by those who believe that the end of earth as we know it is happening.

Known for its beautiful, clear blue water, Crater Lake is America’s deepest and the fifth deepest lake in the world. The lake itself is almost two thousand feet deep with its formation occupying 2,148 feet of land. Crater Lake is believed to be the result of the collapse of a volcano known as Mount Mazama and to have surfaced some 7,000 years ago. There are no waterways flowing from it.

Be sure not to miss three of its unique features one of which is a huge tree stump affectionately known as “Old Man of the Lake.” There appear to be two islands named Wizard Island and Phantom Island.

For the past one hundred and fifteen years, the lake has been a part of Oregon’s only state park essentially established for preservation of Crater Lake. Scientists and historians believe that the lake is actually the eruption of a volcano believed to have been silent for some 7,000years and just lately exhibiting signs of possible activity.

Since all accommodations and convenience services do not operate during the winter months, the only activity available during the winter is guided snowshoe excursions which last approximately two hours and cover about two miles of moderate terrain.