Revolutionizing Finance Advising, Vincent Parascadola

The economic world of today has many players and those players all have different roles within the structure of free trading markets. One of the unsung heroes of this area of commerce is the financial advisors of the world. These leading professionals are responsible for advising large companies on the routes and avenues they should take to increase their productivity and revenue.

One such advisor is the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola. Vincent Parascandola holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Pace University in New York and has currently returned to school to prove that it is never too late in your life or career for more education.

His career in the financial sector began relatively early in 1987 when he was an agent for Prudential. He worked so hard and learned quite a lot during his time there, so much so that he was named the National Rookie of the Year while employed with Prudential. He moved on to MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990 and stayed on with them, furthering his knowledge and experience until 2004 when he decided to join AXA Advisors.

Before rising to the station of Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Vincent was the President of Advantage Groups, a unit of AXA. According to Wallet Hub, at that time he was also the company’s co-manager at the AXA branch, New York Metro. This branch had over 400 officials that he lead which took and still takes exceptional leadership abilities that require one to go above and beyond the normal duty.

Throughout his over 25 year career in the industry he has been awarded several accolades for his exceptional performance. Two of those awards are the GAMA’s Master Agency Award and the Career Development Award. Vincent Parascandola is also a very highly sought after speaker and lecturer for his own company as well as GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting and LIMRA’s distribution conference.

At present his major responsibility with AXA Advisors is to seek out and employ the most skilled individuals for top positions. In addition to adding new talent he is also responsible for maintaining the productivity as well as the actual retention of the employees, ensuring their workplace experiences are positive in nature. Read more about Vincent on