Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalhon Pioneering Change in the Brazil Legal System

Litigious is the perfect word describing law in Brazil. Every small issues is forwarded to the courts, making cases accumulate and just getting delayed.

Brazil is known to have the highest number of law schools in the world. In fact, they have more laws schools than the whole world combined. The result is a high number of lawyers produced every year. There are more than 800,000 lawyers in the country. In addition, there are 16,000 judges in the country, meaning a high number of vacancies in the public law sector.

The reason why most people opt to go private, despite the very attractive starting salary in the public sector, is because of the long processes and the large load work. In Brazil, some simple cases take up to four years, in court, before they can be adjudicated. Leite is one of the most respectable private law firms in Brazil. It is owned and headed by Ricardo Tosto.


About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most influential lawyers, changing the face of Brazil law. His is a story of grass to grace. He started a small law firm in Brazil, which has now grown to be one of the most respectable litigation companies in the nation. Individually and through his law firm, he has pioneered change within the legal system of Brazil. He is known for handling highly-sensitive cases, involving politicians, the government, companies and multinational clients. Ricardo has successfully passed on knowledge to other players in the legal system. Since the inception of his firm, he has taken in, interns and mentored them to be his partners today.

One of the major reasons why people for Ricardo Tosto to help them through litigation processes is because of service personalization. Every case is handled differently from the next, depending on its particulars. On top of this, Tosto ensures that he overseas every case, even though indirectly. This along with innovative strategies has seen him win many cases for his clients. Also, it has made him be a big influencer for strategy changes in the legal system. Perhaps the reason why even the highly-esteemed politicians sought his help.