Roberto Santiago’s Mall Somehow Continues to Do Well

The economy is Brazil is not very accommodating to people who own places like shopping malls and other areas that have frivolous things. Roberto Santiago has not noticed any of this, though, because of the fact that his mall is doing well in the economy. He knows that the Manaira Mall has been successful because of the things that he has done with it and because of all of the options that people have while they are there but he also knows that it is good business to continue growing while your business is doing well.

When Roberto Santiago first started the Manaira Mall, it was a time when malls were booming. The malls that were in the Paraiba area were all really successful and the people who owned them made a lot of money thanks to everything that they had going for them in the country and because of the options that were available. Roberto Santiago was included in this group but is the only person who has continued to be successful even after the huge mall boom settled down after the 1980s. Roberto Santiago knows that his mall, which is nearly 30 years old, continues to be successful because of the things that he has done.

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When Roberto Santiago decided to start the mall, he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to have a place where people could come to enjoy their time doing many different things. He wanted the mall to be so much more than a simple shopping center where people came to buy clothes and other things that they needed. Instead, he wanted it to be a hub of activity that people could benefit from and get a lot out of no matter what it was that they wanted to be able to do.

Despite the fact that Roberto Santiago was working hard to show people what the mall was all about, he knew that it needed something more. This was the point where he built the expo center on the roof. It was on top of many additions that he had put on the mall and it made sense for people who wanted to come to the mall and enjoy concerts or events put on that were related to Brazilian culture. Roberto Santiago’s expo center was something that was unique to Manaira Mall and made a huge difference in the crowds that came to the mall.

Since Roberto Santiago created the mall, he has been doing well with money. He has made a lot of money from the profits that the Manaira Mall has brought in and that has helped to set him up for the future. Despite the fact that he is relatively young to start thinking about retiring, he is on the path to retirement. His family and those who are in his line of succession will be able to benefit from everything that he has done with Manaira and the money that he has made while building up the biggest mall in Paraiba. Know more at about Roberto Santiago.