Ross Abelow Helps Homeless Pets in New York

Ross Abelow is a New York attorney. His law office specializes in commercial real estate, litigation and civil rights law. Ross is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, and has practiced law in New York for several years. Ross Abelow is a senior partner in the law firm of Abelow and Cassandro. He has created several legal blog sites and is active on social media sites such as Facebook.

Ross Abelow recently created a Go Fund Me page. The purpose of the Go Fund Me campaign is to raise money for homeless pets in New York. The funds raised from the Go Fund Me campaign will go to local New York animal shelters. The launch date for the campaign was January 16 2016. The funds raised by this campaign will provide additional support for the homeless companion animals in New York. Most of the funds generated from this campaign will provide additional benefits such as: food, vaccines, medicine and other supplies for pets. Many of the pet shelters in New York are filled to capacity. Most of them are no longer able to accept additional homeless pets, due to a lack of basic supplies. The additional funds will help shelters provide more support and assistance to homeless pets.

Attorney Ross Abelow chose to help his community by creating the Go Fund Me page. It is part of his commitment to being involved in the local community. Winter is a very difficult time for homeless animals. With sub zero temperatures and no food or shelter makes it very difficult for homeless animals to survive in New York. All contributions will be put to good use to help homeless animals. Some of the funds raised by this campaign will be used to expand local homeless shelters. Increasing the capacity for the homeless shelters will keep more homeless pets out of the long cold winter season. Part of the proceeds raised by this campaign will help provide adoption support for homeless pets. The shelter is a temporary solution for homeless companion animals. The ultimate goal is finding a new forever home for all homeless companion animals.

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