Saving Money Traveling to the West Coast

Traveling to a new area for your next vacation is a liberating way to experience something unknown and exciting. Millions of people vacation on the west coast each year because of all the amenities and tourist spots available to them. California alone has Disney World, Yosemite National Park and Hollywood. Unfortunately, planning your trip to California can be expensive and confusing. First, you need to have a specific time frame in which you’ll be visiting the state. When you know you’ll be there for, say, a week, you can better plan out your trip.

The next thing to plan is whether you’ll be taking a plane to fly there or you’ll be driving your car. Driving a car can save you money, but it takes about a week to get to California from the east coast. Planes are faster for traveling but much more expensive. In fact, you should expect to pay a few thousand dollars for your whole family to take a flight to California. The way to save on flights is by booking your plane months in advance of your trip. Compare the different airlines to determine the best price for your needs.

Another way to save money on your trip to the west coast is by finding an affordable hotel. Hotels can charge upwards of $200 a night in California if you aren’t careful with which one you’re choosing. Most hotels offer loyalty programs for people who are staying for longer than a night or two. Hotel comparison sites are specifically designed to help people save on hotel rates. While it might seem advantageous to stay in a hotel directly in Disney, you’ll find this to be the most expensive option available to you and it can do a number to the strict budget you’re working with.