Seattle’s Most Infamous Cuisine

Any adventurous eaters planning a trip to Seattle this year are in for a treat – a restaurant in Seattle is serving up one of the region’s most unusual and exotic foods. The geoduck is a large, sweet clam with an unusual appearance, and it’s seldom eaten in the United States. However, the animal is extremely popular as a delicacy in many Asian countries, with most of the geoduck harvested in Washington being sent to restaurants across the Pacific. In Japan, geoduck is a sought-after ingredient in sushi bars. However, one Seattle restaurant, Wataru, is serving up geoduck as part of their omakase menu. The chef claims that there is no seafood like the geoduck, making this unique dining experience truly worth the trip to Seattle!
While you’re in Seattle, there are many other foods native to the region that are worth a try. Whether you enjoy the famous Ivar’s clam chowder at the pier or check out the vast assortment of local produce available at Pike’s Place Market, there are hundreds of different dining opportunities in Seattle. The city is becoming quite the culinary mecca, with world-renowned restaurants such as Canlis that also boast stunning views of the water to be enjoyed while you dine. New restaurants are opening weekly in the rapidly growing city, so new tasty options are sure to be awaiting you by the time you make your trip! Where will your Seattle culinary adventure take you?