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Securus Enhancing Connectivity Through Video Visitation

Imagine a situation where you are able to connect your kids with their mom or dad in jail, to help them with their homework? Isn’t that just amazing. With Securus video visitations, this is now possible. Gone are the days when you had to wait till the visitation dates in order to see your loved ones.

With Securus video visitation, you can now see your loved ones, behind bars, whenever you like. So, how do these video visitations benefit you? First, it saves you money. You do not have to drive or fly all the way to the jail in order to be connect with your family or friend. Secondly, it saves you time. If you are going to be busy on the visitation date, no need to stress. You can still communicate live with your loved one.

Being time and cost-effective, video visitation is bound to make Americans communicate more with their loved ones. Richard. A. Smith, the chief executive officer and Securus Chairman spoke on the release of their video visits commercials. He commented that people will no longer have to suffer the inconvenience of traditional jail visits. Instead, visits can be made virtually, all you need to have is a desktop or a device that supports their software.

He commented that since the introduction of this technology, more than 160,000 visits, every month, are connected. As of now 178 security agencies utilize this technology. With the average cost of the visit being $2.72.

About Securus Technologies

Securus technologies is a leading provider for technological solutions to correctional facilities. To date, they connect over 1.2 inmates all over America. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They are highly dedicated to connecting people with their loved ones behind bars, while at the same time enhancing security in correctional facilities.