Snow Coming to California Mountains

When you think about taking a trip to California, you probably think about enjoying the sunshine and palm trees. While California frequently has very warm weather, there are certain areas of the state that you get a lot of snow and can provide a lot of fun outdoor activities. For those that are looking to go to California areas such as Lake Tahoe to do some skiing, there could be a lot of fresh snow in the coming weeks (

Some of the most popular areas for outdoor skiing and snowboarding in California include Big Bear Mountain as well as Mammoth Mountain. With the winter holiday weekends coming up quickly, as well as preparations for the US Winter Olympic trials, now is a great time for the snow to start falling. It is expected that the current storms coming through the area should leave well over two feet at the summit of some mountains. There should also be more than a foot of fresh powder near the top ski resorts in the area.

While the snowfall in the California Mountains is a welcome blessing for people who enjoy to ski and snowboard, it is also very important for the entire state. This past summer was a historically dry summer for the entire state and current water supply is now a big concern. The city of Los Angeles and the state will benefit greatly from the snowfall this winter as it will eventually melt and flow into existing water reservoirs across the state.