Southwest Airlines Offers New California Rate

Those that are looking for a fun vacation destination, going to the state of California could be a great option. Between the San Diego and Los Angeles area, San Francisco, and the Napa Valley area, there is practically an unlimited amount of stuff that you can do right along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. One of the problems of taking a vacation to California is that the Southern California and Northern California areas can seem very far apart, which can make it difficult to see the entire state at once.

While going to California can seems like a typical trip if you would like to see everything, one of the major airlines in the area suddenly has made it much more affordable to see both sides of the state. Southwest Airlines, which serves nearly 10 different airports across the state, has introduced a new rate that can make it very affordable to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco (

The new airfare that is being offered will now make it cost only $90 to fly from LAX to San Francisco International Airport. This is a big drop in price compared to prior fares that saw the price cost nearly double that rate. At the same time, people will also be able to take advantage of the free checked bags, which can help to reduce the cost even more. Once you have arrived in San Francisco, there are a number of affordable public transit options to get you to your destination.