Spotlight On Healthcare Professional Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin has set himself apart as a dedicated healthcare professional, and he is renowned as a go-to expert for a number of different health ailments that many people might have. His company, which is called HCRC staffing, has dedicated itself to providing only the best healthcare staffing for medical professionals everywhere.

Before Brian Torchin founded this company, he spent many years establishing himself as an individual who would open, manage and staff a number of medical facilities in Florida, Delaware and Pennsylvania. He truly distinguished himself in this discipline because of the fact he was able to fully manage and direct everything from the ground up. He established himself as a man with stellar leadership ability and an individual who is very details-oriented.

Of course, in order to fully understand Torchin, you have to go back to his early years. Before Torchin became an entrepreneur who was interested in providing for all of the staffing needs of his many clients, he was also interested in the medical profession himself. indicates Torchin started his career by getting a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Delaware. He also got a degree in Physical Therapy from New York Chiropractic College and he is a licensed chiropractor.

So yes, there is definitely no question Brian Torchin has established himself as one of the leaders in both the field of physical therapy and in the field of medical staffing. His company continues to grow, and now has clients in all 50 states. Because it can be difficult for hospitals to find help, Torchin is very much an asset in the recruitment field every bit as much as he is in the medical services field as well.