Stream Energy Increases Texas Generosity Rating

Stream Energy is a company known for its philanthropic contributions to society. The company could not be in a better state as Texas is known not to be generous. Thanks to Stream, the Texas ranking is rising. The ability to care for others, give back, and commit time and energy to helping people who are less fortunate is what makes Stream Cares such an essential contribution to society. Stream Energy is a company that hires independent contractors to build relationships with people in the community by matching their needs with services. Each successful sale yields the contractor a payment. Some of the services that Stream offers is mobile phone plans, fixed-rate energy, virtual doctors, and telemedicine. The organization also partners with the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Supply Co, and the Red Cross in efforts to help fund their initiatives and increase their reach to individuals in need. A driving factor Stream Energy’s philanthropic contributions are homelessness. The company monitors the rate of homelessness in the area and uses it as fuel to give more. Homelessness has increased in Texas by 24 percent. One event that Stream participates in is the annual Splash for Hope. They work collaboratively with the Hope Supply Co. to give homeless children and their families an all-expense paid trip to the area waterpark. Children and their families receive money and supplies at the event as well to ensure that they are living clean and safe. Some of the supplies given to families are school items, clothing, and diapers. Stream Energy also helped fund the restoration of the community after Hurricane Harvey dumped 56 inches of rain on Houston Texas. In fact, they were noted as one of the first organizations to stand up for the effort. Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm as many lost their homes, their pets, and even their lives. Stream Energy is the type of company one should want to work for. They work hard to profit and use their profit to make sure that the community has everything it needs. We are all human and can experience dire circumstances in a short amount of time, and Stream Energy gets it.