Susan McGalla: A Creative Executive

When a person reaches the highest levels of business leadership, it’s only natural to assume that much is expected of them. Whether it’s motivating employees, keeping customers happy, or increasing profits for the company, there is a tremendous pressure on their shoulders. While many executives may wilt under this pressure, Susan McGalla has done just the opposite. As an executive consultant, CEO of leading companies, and in her current position as Vice-President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan has put her skills on display time and time again, resulting in tremendous success for everyone.


Along with being a dynamic professional sports executive, Susan has also used her extensive business background to carve out a career as an executive consultant. Having formed the consulting company P3 Executive Consulting, Susan has advised clients from around the world on how to make their companies dynamic and creative. Thanks to her knowledge and advice, numerous companies worldwide have experienced increased growth and profits, thanks in large part to Susan.


Having grown up in a working-class area of Ohio, Susan learned early on what it meant to work hard on a daily basis. An excellent student, she went on to Mount Union College, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. With her father being a local football coach, Susan developed a keen interest in sports on many levels. By watching her father’s devotion to the game of football, Susan has taken that devotion to her current job with the Steelers. Whether it’s meeting with other executives to analyze business trends or creating new strategies to keep fans engaged with the team, Susan knows the importance of teamwork. As she continues on her successful business journey, it is abundantly clear Susan will continue to achieve incredible results.