Susan McGalla Empowers Women to be Leaders

Former president of American Eagles Outfitters, Susan McGalla, is a very passionate and determined businesswoman. Susan went to Mount Union College where he graduated with a degree in marketing and business. She is currently working with Business Strategy and Creative Development as the deputy president.

As a woman in influential leadership positions, Susan is very determined to help other women become successful. While at American Eagle Outfitters, she worked as a promoter of women’s clothes and juggled other departmental roles as well. Upon leaving American Eagles, she operated as a financial consultant for investors and retails businesses. By this time he was operating as a private advisor. All these leadership positions have earned him experiences and skills that have challenged most women to step.

Despite the challenges that he encountered while paving her way for success, she managed to grow both as a woman and a leader. For this reason, he has stepped forward to mentor many women who have struggled with different challenges. She challenges women to step up and take these leadership positions. Now that companies are considering the gender rule, women have an equal chance to be represented in leadership.

Susan compels them to make baby steps because everything that will finally bring success takes time. Companies are also influenced by how she has fuelled this topic. This successful woman has challenged companies to spare more roles for women. This gives them a chance to lead and this contributes to their growth.

Hard work and commitment have been her most precious pillars. She is the type of woman who doesn’t let opportunities surpass her without taking advantage of them. This principle has inspired many women. She also advises women to consider having mentors. Additionally, she tells them to build on their self-confidence and work towards strengthening their weaknesses.

Companies now promote women to leadership positions hence giving them a sense of belonging.