Talk Fusion Video Marketing Will Boost Your Business

Talk Fusion is an online marketing platform created to help promote a business. The company started out solely with video email marketing. Due to their magnificent growth, they have created additional digital product lines including, Video News Letter, Video Blog, Fusion Wall, Fusion On The Go and Video Share.


With Video Email, there is nothing that you have to download. You simply choose a theme, record your video, upload it and click send. Fusion On The Go is a smartphone app that is capable of video messaging from any iPhone, Android phone, iPad or Tablet. Video News Letter allows you to send videos that are customized to your client base. With Fusion Wall, you can post a video on someone’s video wall and rank the videos. Instead of manually sharing videos on social media websites, you can use Talk Fusion’s Video Share. This feature lets you share your video to over 200 social network sites including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with just a few clicks.


The focus of Talk Fusion is to help your business stand out above the competition. Their platform has helped businesses see return customers, and an increase in profits and sales. Talk Fusion creates results by making video marketing persuasive, memorable and engaging. Independent Associates market Talk Fusion’s products in over 130 countries. Anyone can try their products risk free with their 30 day free trial.


Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by Bob Reina, the current Founder and CEO. The company is committed to giving back to charity and non-profit organizations benefiting animals, their communities, family, and friends. Talk Fusion released a new exclusive training program called “Talk Fusion University.” It is a virtual hub where Talk Fusion Associates can receive training and expertise directly from Bob Reina himself. Bob shares his decades long experience through instructional videos. Bob believes that the success of Talk Fusion is dependent on its employees. There are currently over 30 different videos hosted by Bob where he explains Talk Fusion’s products and business opportunities. The virtual University videos are spoken in English and Bahasa. In the future, they will be translated in German, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Russian, Hungarian and French. Learn more: