Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Application is this Year’s WebRTC Product of The Year

Early this year, Talk Fusion received this year’s WebRTC Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), which is the online marketing leader. Rich Tehrani, the Chief Executive Officer of TMC, awarded Talk Fusion due to the remarkable achievements attained by its innovative products, Video Chat.

Talk Fusion received the award after the complete version of the groundbreaking cross-device communication avenue went online. The Video Chat gives users an opportunity to communicate face-to- face with any individual, at any location and through any device such as tablets, desktops, and smartphones. Android and iOS users can download the application through Google Play Store and iTunes respectively.

The WebRTC Product of the Year Award

The judges at TMC opted for the Video Chat product since it displayed a high level of excellence and ingenuity. The award honors products, which support browser-browser applications for P2P file sharing, voice calling and video chat without the requirement for external or internal plug-ins. For a span of more than 20 years, TMC has continuously identified and recognized technology enterprises for their efforts and achievements in their respective field of operation.

Talk Fusion’s Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina was pleased with the success. He cited that the IT specialists at Talk Fusion continuously strive to develop better ways of communication. Jonathan Chen, the Director of IT at Talk Fusion, recognized the accomplishment as a step towards greater successes. He claimed that technology is only useful if it provides solutions for real world needs as well as being utilized by real individuals. According to Chen, this principle is highly used by Talk Fusion in the creation of its products and services such as Video Email and Video Chat.

In-depth Information about Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is widely known as a global leader in developing video marketing solutions. The company is devoted towards the creation of cutting-edge video communication platforms. Its products are marketed through independent associates who are based in over 140 nations around the world. It came into operation in 2007 through the persistent efforts of its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina. Currently, it prides itself as a member of the Direct Selling Association. For further details, visit: