Tammy Mazzocco Takes Us Through Her Path To The Real Estate Industry

In issues related to real estate, it is hardly impossible not to come across the mention of the name Tammy Mazzocco. She started out working as a secretary at “The Edwards Realty Company”. Mazzocco worked under the mentorship of Mike Zelnik, a distinguished realtor. After leaving Zelnik’s firm, Mazzocco proceeded to Scotland Yard Condominiums where she managed condominiums for seven years. She was later advised by Ken Cook, a Cook realtor, to apply for a license as a realtor. Ken committed himself to mentor and teach Tammy all the basics on real estate. Tammy later moved out of Scotland Yard and was hired at T&R Properties as a property manager. Visit her website tammymazzocco.com for details.

In 1998, she went on to work as a personal assistant for a realtor, Joe Armeni. While working under Armeni, Tammy was able to gather more information on real estate dynamics. She later decided to venture into real estate in 1999. A year later, she went to Ohio to join Judy Gang and Associates. Gang became a mentor and inspiration to Tammy. Currently, Tammy is involved in selling real estate in Franklin, Licking, Central Ohio, and Delaware, that can be found on her about.me page.

Tammy Shares Insights into Her Struggle in the Real Estate Industry

Like anyone venturing into a new trade or any business, the first time is usually not easy. Tammy experienced difficult moments as a newbie in the industry until she learnt the business and marketing aspects of the real estate profession. She remarks that it was difficult for her to discuss with people issues regarding their finances. It was only when an associate handed her some guidance scripts and told her to read them out loudly, that she gathered the courage to speak to clients.

Tammy is self driven and self initiated. She only sets tangible and realistic goals. The goals she sets are tasks she needs to perform when associating with her clients. Tammy simplifies the goals into small steps that are achievable instead of striving to handle an entire goal at once.

Tammy is driven by the motto that one should not be hard on themselves. Her advice to aspiring realtors or those who want to succeed in their profession is to never fear failure and not to settle for mediocrity. People who are too hard on themselves tend to break easily when things do not turn out as they expected. Also, those who are afraid of failure are incapable of starting anything.

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