The Government In Oregon Makes It Illegal To Build and Live In Tiny Homes

If you are looking to travel to Oregon and live in a movable tiny house, you are out of luck. The building codes in Oregon have been changed so that construction and ownership of tiny homes are not legal. This is a problem, considering the fact that living in a tiny home is a very affordable, viable option for people who cannot afford anything bigger. Housing costs are going up through the roof, and homelessness is a problem, especially on the West Coast.

In the summer of 2017, the state’s Department of Consumer and Business Services’ Building Codes Division decided to exclude “tiny homes on wheels” from building codes pertaining to RVs. No alternative, legal path was specified for the construction of “tiny homes on wheels” in the future, implying that they are illegal to build. To make matters worse, the DMV in Oregon will not issue registration and titles to such homes

Most of the business that is conducted in the tiny house industry has to do with the construction of movable tiny houses. By making it legally impossible to construct and live in movable tiny homes, the tiny home industry will suffer.

In most states, RVIA manufacturing standards are used. However, Oregon does not use these standards.

A number of states are thinking of changing their zoning regulations and building codes to accommodate all types of tiny houses. These states include: Maine, California, Massachusetts, Colorado, Idaho, Texas and Georgia.

Oregon’s repressive building codes and zoning rules are quite surprising, considering the fact that Orgeon is a relatively liberal and progressive state with other issues.